Benedita On the Red Carpet in Her Green Evening Gown

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Happy Friday!

Today’s version of Benedita, my Latina paper doll, has a formal hair style and an evening gown inspired by a design from Marchesa. Marchesa’s designs are usually elaborate and romantic. I simplified the gown a bit, bit kept the intense lime green color. Some of Marchesa’s stuff is a little too embellished for my taste, but I loved the drape of this gown.

I went back and forth on the shoes, but ended up deciding that one pair of black shoes and one pair of white shoes would be the most versatile for future designs. I try to think about what increases the play-ability of a set. Plus all of the Benedita dolls will have the same skintone, so Benedita 2 here can share shoes with Benedita 1.

Eventually, there will be a Benedita 3 (she’s already in progress and going to be a 1930s historical version).

Really what I wanted with version 2 of Benedita was to have a dramatically different doll than I created in version 1 of Benedita.

I have no idea how convoluted this will get when I’m at like Benedita 12 or something, but I’m up for it. 

Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a super great weekend. This has been a crazy busy week, but I am hoping for a quiet weekend of drawing paper dolls. Frankly, I’m kinda out of content, so I really do need to get some things done. However, the things in progress are pretty cool (I think) and feature a lot of historical content. 

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Ms. Mannequin’s Elegant Paper Doll Evening Gown

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This Evening Gown from Pinterest

A long elegant modest paper doll evening gown in a rich orchid purple for the Ms. Mannequin paper doll series. Free to print from

A long elegant modest paper doll evening gown in a rich orchid purple for the Ms. Mannequin paper doll series. Free to print from

The gown today’s paper doll is based on was white and I felt like that wasn’t very interesting. Also, you can always use the black and white version of today’s gown to be the white version if you wanted too.

What I really wanted to try to capture with today’s gown was the drape of the fabric clinging to the body and then flaring on the ground.

Another thing I loved about the dress I based today’s paper doll evening gown off of was the modesty. It is rare to see an evening gown with such a high neckline and thick straps, but I think it ads to the beautiful modernist style of the dress.

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I hope everyone has a super wonderful weekend. Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite paper doll this week has been?

For me, I gotta confess a strange soft spot for the Space Pirates. Partly, because it is super fun to write the words, Space Pirates as often as I have gotten too.

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Marisole Monday’s 1920s Party Dress In Teal

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: 1920s party dresses- Classic French Fashions of the Twenties, a book from Dover
A 1920s party dress based on a French design from 1929 for the Marisole Monday and friends paper doll series. One of hundreds of paper doll designs from

A 1920s party dress based on a French design from 1929 for the Marisole Monday and friends paper doll series. One of hundreds of paper doll designs from

So, sometimes I drew things and upload them and then I kinda forget they exist. This 1920s party dress was one of those things, I’m afraid. I finished it around the same time that I finished the 1920s golf outfit and then I completely forgot about it. I didn’t want to post it right after the gold outfit, I recall, because I wanted some variety.

I try to space out my paper doll posts. While I might get on a kick and draw several similar things, I know some readers come here for the historical stuff, some for the fantasy stuff, and some for the contemporary stuff. So, I try to make sure there’s something for everyone.

This week alone we’ve had Monday and Tuesday post apocalyptic paper dolls, Wednesday an Archivist paper doll and Thursday was a Lolita dress for a paper doll. And now, here we are on Friday (Happy Friday!) and there’s a 1920s party dress for a paper doll.

After looking through every 1920s fashion book I own, I retraced that the model I based this dress on came from this book, Classic French Fashions of the Twenties. The original dress was patterned, but I sort of decided that it was a lot of work to draw a pattern. There was no way that was going to happen.

Classic French Fashions of the Twenties is one of my favorite Dover fashion books. It is a reprint of all the plates from a French fashion catalog from 1929. Like most fashion catalogs of that era, it starts with casual day wear goes through evening wear and then ends with coats.

I have, at this point, built up a pretty solid backlog of content. So, my goal is to try to get the next few weeks scheduled quickly, so I can take a few days off to rest and recoup.

Plus, play with my cat whose frustration at my laptop consuming prime lap space is tangible.

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A Fancy Valentine’s Day Affair with the Sprites Paper Dolls

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:  Valentine’s Day & James Bond

I seriously thought I had done a set of suits for the Sprites before this, but I think I was thinking of the Sprite’s predecessor the Pixie and Puck series. So, here is the first suit for the Sprites gents and, I think, the first ballgown for the Sprites ladies. A bunch of first today.

Also, it’s Valentine’s Day! So, Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s a paper doll!

On the left, there’s a tuxedo with a white jacket, very James Bond, for the Sprites Guys. On the right, there’s an evening gown for the Sprite’s Ladies.

The pink heart was supposed to be one of those padded boxes of chocolate, but I’m not sure that’s very obvious.

Looking for other Valentine’s Day paper dolls? There’s a few more options here.

Also, there’s an different color scheme for these Sprites outfits over on my Patreon page. It’s open to the public as a Valentine’s Day treat. Of course, if while you are there, you want to become a patron, well, I wouldn’t mind at all. 🙂

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Min-Seo And Her Red Carpet Evening Gown- A Printable Paper Doll

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This gown from Pinterest
A black and white red carpet evening gown and Asian paper doll with an updo and matching shoes. Printable paper doll in color or black and white.

Punk paper doll

Every paper doll needs a look to wear on the red carpet, you know? Sure, jeans are useful, but they are not as much fun as evening gowns. So, here’s some paper doll red carpet evening gown love for Min-Seo.

As I often feel with paper dolls with black hair, the linework on her hair (which I am quite proud of) got quite obscured. Check out the black and white version to see it better. I think if you wanted, this updo would also make her a pretty good steampunk base doll. It feels sorta Victorian to me.

Anyway, I think I did this dress in a dozen color schemes, before settling on this one. I decided that I liked the graphic quality of the black and white. The original is in white and blue, but that felt too casual for a red carpet evening gown.

Also, I love her shoes. No shocker to anyone, I’m sure.

Tomorrow, there will be another Min-Seo paper doll (shocking, I know). She’s got a pearl and fur trimmed winter fantasy gown.

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Ms. Mannequin’s New Years Couture Gown in Lavendar

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Ralph & Russo Fall/Winter Collection 2015 A printable paper doll couture gown for the Ms. Mannequin paper doll series from This gown in lavender and has a heavily boned bodice. Free to print in color or black and white.

Today’s Ms. Mannequin couture gown was based on Look 11 from the Ralph & Russo Fall/Winter Collection in 2015. The original is in a lovely soft gold. I chose to make my lavender, because I love dusty lavender as an evening gown color. It’s also a Victorian color of mourning, but I don’t think that has anything to do with today’s evening gown, I just thought I would mention it.

Meanwhile, I think this couture gown could go New Years, as I have designed it, but it could also be a great red carpet look or something for a black tie wedding.

Just like for the Poppets, there were more Ms. Mannequin paper doll posts this year (13 rather than 8), but I don’t know how to really “count” things. I mean, the posts are much smaller these days, but then again, there is a lot more variety.

Posting just one dress/outfit a day opens up some more strange things like this evil sorceress gown. By the way, that was so fun to draw that I am totally doing more evil gowns in the future.

However, today’s couture gown is not an evil sorceress gown. It is far to sweet for that, I think. Rather, it is a sexy red carpet or evening look for those times when the printable paper dolls have an important paper doll affair or they just want to look really good.

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Mini-Maidens Paper Dolls With a New Year’s Evening Gown

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This Zac Posen Gown
A New Years evening dress based on a design by Zac Posen. It could also be a wedding dress. Free to print and color from

As I said yesterday, this week will be all about New Years gala sorts of gowns. Today, the Mini-Maiden paper dolls are getting their evening gown. This is based on a this gown designed by Zac Posen for David’s Bridal. The dress is several years old and I couldn’t find it on the current website, so I linked to my Pinterest page.

If you want to see more evening gowns and cocktail dresses that might someday turn into paper dolls, check out my Evening Gowns board. It is the home of gowns I like and may someday draw.

Heavily boned corsets like the one on this gown are very much a trademark of Zac Posen‘s designs and I love a good looking corset.

Plus, I think a New Years evening gown should be something sexy. By the way, I would never have the guts (nor the occasion) to wear something this fitted, but then what are paper dolls for?

I think I’ve mentioned before my guilty pleasure, Say Yes to the Dress. Thanks to that show, I can say mermaid dresses are very in style for weddings and this could easily be a wedding dress if you wanted that instead of a New Years dress.

I think Faye, Greta, Hazel or Isadora would love to get this gown, but since there are four of them, you might need more gowns. Therefore, I might I recommend this series of Prom dresses or this 1930s inspired evening gown.

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