Paper Doll Collaboration May 2018 Animals and Pets

A paper doll clothing coloring page featuring an evening gown and snake wrapped around the paper doll's shoulders. Part of the 2018 paper doll collaboration.

Black and White Paper Doll PDF Paper Doll Collaboration 2018
This month just got away from me. I meant to get this one up on Friday, but it has been a whirl of a week.

This month’s theme was animals or pets. I have a pet cat named Dewey (who ends up on my Instagram on occasion) and I adore her, but I didn’t want to do a cat based set. I’m not a huge pet person. I spoil my cat, but it’s sort of like the different between loving kids and loving your own kids. I love my cat, but I don’t always love other people’s cats.

Instead of going cat themed (which I felt like might be cliche) I went with an animal who is much more maligned, but who I’ve always had an affection for. I’ve always loved snakes. They are both fascinating and largely misunderstood.

Plus what paper doll doesn’t want to accessorize their evening gown with a snake?

If you’re still feeling cat deprived, there was a cat sweater in my February outfit for this paper doll.

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Hazel’s Runway Ball Gown for Glamorous Printable Paper Doll Events

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Evening Gowns and Boots’ Paper Doll Series Catwalk Couture
A black paper doll with a natural hair updo and a beautiful evening gown and shoes. A printable paper doll coloring page from
I think one of the great benefits of the internet is that it has created a world where people are willing to share their work. I try to visit all the active paper doll blogs I am aware of and comment on them as much as I can.

I love seeing what other artists are working on like Julie’s amazing bunny project from last week and Miss. Missy’s super cute Easter paper doll.

Boots has been working on a Catwalk Couture paper doll fashion series where she has been drawing the designs of some of the great contemporary designers. I was inspired by her work to create an evening gown that could have come off the runway.

I was heavily influenced by the designs of Marchesa one of my favorite evening gown designers.

Hazel’s hair is based on this beautiful natural hair up-dos like this one and this one. I’m worried it looks less like a natural up-do and more like a turban, but maybe I’m just being hyper critical.

Since I am not black, I always feel a little self-conscious when I draw things like natural hair styles.

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An Oscar’s Worthy Dress for The 2017 Collaborative Paper Doll Project

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: An Oscar’s Dress by Oscar De La Renta

An Oscar worthy evening gown based on an Oscar De La Renta design from Pre-Fall 2014.

The February theme was inspired by the Oscars and we all decided to draw an Oscars dress. Well, I went with an Oscar De La Renta inspiration last month and I might have gone for the same thing again. What can I say? I love his designs.

So, here is my 2017 Collab Paper Doll’s Oscar Dress. It’s Outfit 36 from Oscar De La Renta’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. Here is another favorite from that collection.

I admit the put this dress together in a rush. Somehow February has completely gotten away from me, so here’s no wig to go with today’s dress, but you an use one of the wigs from the paper doll’s page, I think in a pinch.

And I am super pleased to announce the Miss Missy’s Paper Dolls has joined in the paper doll creation fun. So, here is her interpretation of the base doll.

Pop over to Paper Doll School, Pop Culture and Paper Dolls, Paper Doll School and Miss Missy’s Paper Dolls to pick up their versions of today’s gown. They should all be posted in the next few days.

Stay tuned for next month’s theme- Fashions from Space!

So, what do you think of my choice of Oscar gown? Too much? Just enough?

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