Denim & A Bloom- Paper Doll Jeans!

A set of paper doll clothing with a pair of jeans, a pair of jean shorts and a t-shirt with a floral design on it.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
So, I think of these paper doll posts in two ways. On one hand, each posts needs to be complete in and of itself. Like, I try not to just post a random pair of boots and nothing else, you know? On the flip side, I also think of them as all being part of the Jewels and Gemstones series and therefore part of a large art piece. So, they are not individual creations and bits of a bigger creation.

As a result, I was realizing I didn’t really have a lot of like basics for the Jewels and Gemstones. I’ve only done one pair of jeans so far. That seemed like a hole I should fill.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
I feel like someone asked for shorts and a t-shirt, but I also wanted to just draw some basics. Jeans and a shirt and shorts. They can be mixed and matched with all the other Jewels and Gemstones contemporary clothing.

Specific Source Images: This one was a big influence on my Firebird design.

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Last Thoughts
I’ve noticed there’s a lot of really unexpected color schemes in floral patterns these days, so I wanted to match that when I picked out colors for today’s set. I really didn’t want to make it a pink flower, though that was my first instinct.

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Even Paper Doll Guys Need Jeans

A set of boy paper doll clothing with jeans and two shirts for the Dames and Dandies paper doll series from

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As I mentioned Wednesday, my initial plan was to start with this set for the Pose C paper doll guys, because I figured- All the guys I know wear jeans.

But then I also thought, ‘Jeans are kinda boring’

And that thought won out. So, here are the jeans and basic tops. I figure the guys of pose C (or guy of Pose C, as there is only Changrui at the moment) can wear these to hang out with friends, go to the bar or on a casual date. The shirts are all based on things I’ve seen college students wearing.

I have no idea what is fashionable for men these days, so I tend to rely on college student observation. I suspect college students tend towards the casual, so if I decide to draw some suits for the guys I’ll have to do some more research.

The fact is that most men’s clothing in the last 50 years has changed in nuance, not substance. The width of the tie worn with a suit. The shape of the trousers. The presence or lack of a hat. These are the things that define men’s clothing.

It’s all much more subtle than most changes to ladies clothing, but perhaps I only say that because I lack the practiced eye to analyze it. Something worth thinking about, I suspect.

Any way, I am pretty satisfied with these jeans and I like the t-shirts. When I think of playing with paper dolls, I am reminded that they need basics as much as they need exotic options.

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Wintertime Paper Doll Fashions: Jeans & A Warm Coat

A warm winter coat for the paper dolls with jeans and boots. Free to print in color or black and white.

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One of the ironies of my working style is that I somehow end up with lots of paper doll content that ends up posting way out of season. Shorts in the winter cold are not at all uncommon in my paper doll world. However, since I drew all these outfits for the next few weeks in December, I felt wonderful about posting some honest to goodness winter clothing in January.

It’s been so chilly these last few weeks in the South. I’m not used to it threatening to freeze so much here. I’m keeping my heat on when I leave the house and a faucet dripping. I would leave my under-sink cabinets open, but my cat is very curious and I worry she’d get into the cleaning supplies I keep down there. These are the choices one makes when one has a cat, I suppose.

So far, no pipe problems. It is warmer this week than it was last week and cold weather kills off the bug population, so I am trying to be positive about the whole thing. Meanwhile, I’ve broken out my wool coat, gloves, boots, scarf and hat.

The B Pose paper dolls have done the same with today’s outfit. One fur collared coat, a pair of boots, long sleeved t-shirt and jeans. For truly cold places, you can imagine the jeans are lined in flannel. I really do enjoy drawing coats and I should do more of them, I think.

There’s an alternative version of today’s paper doll outfit over on the Patreon page for anyone to download if they like. While you’re there, consider becoming a patron. It helps pay for the blog’s server costs and such.

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Mini-Maiden’s Summery Tanktops and Jeggings

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Jeggings and Summery Clothing
A set of paper doll jeggings to color and print and play with. Who doesn't need that?
Confession: I drew this back in July when the weather was hot. It was so very hot, as it gets in Alabama. (Seriously, this is not a state you want to live in when it’s July.)

So, since I am working through a large batch of Mini-Maidens that I drew all those months ago, I can safely say this it the last “summery” fashion collection for them I have for the moment. I’ll need to draw some more for the Mini-Maiden paper dolls really soon. I’ve got Ms. Mannequins and Poppets in the works, but Mini-Maidens need love as well.

Anyway, summer has left Alabama, though it is still in the 60s. It does drop down at night, but I’ll openly confess that the weather is really mild compared to what I saw in Alaska. I am going home soon and am not looking forward to returning to below freezing weather. I own no clothing that works for weather that cold.

I dug my only wool sweater out of my closet earlier. I haven’t worn it in, I am not kidding, five years.

Ahh, well. I’m sure I’ll be okay. (Freezing cold, but okay.)

I digress. I wanted to design these clothing pieces to slide perfectly into the wardrobes that you can create with my other contemporary Mini-Maiden paper doll fashion sets. I was thinking this set and this set, this older set or this older set.

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B&B in Some Patriotic Clothing

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Stars, Stripes and All Things 4th of July
A set of patriotic paper doll clothing to celebrate the 4th of July for the curvy B&B printable paper doll series from

A paper doll Princess Lolita outfit with thigh high socks from Available in color or black and white for coloring.

Happy 4th of July!

I didn’t really design this paper doll clothing set to be 4th of July themed. I just wanted to do red jeans and a shirt with stars on it. Somehow once I was coloring the set, the patriotic theme seemed inevitable.

The truth is that I tend to forget most holidays. I think I have all the time in the world and then suddenly they are upon me and I panic. The entire Mini-Maiden series owns its existence to my holiday panic.

Despite that I want to do holiday themed sets. I just seem to forget a lot.

Maybe the thing to do is start planning for Halloween today and then I might not end up scrambling. I’ve always admired Liana’s October themed months. I need to some up with an idea for the month or maybe just something for the 31st.

I hope everyone in the United States has a great 4th of July. I plan to spend mine playing board games, eating barbecued chicken and peach pie.

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Sprites Get Some Summer Paper Doll Clothing

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Vintage Inspired Contemporary Clothing & College StudentsA set of summer paper doll clothing for boy and girl paper dolls in color or black and white from Jeans, t-shirt, shorts and a tank top are all included.

A set of summer paper doll clothing for boy and girl paper dolls in color or black and white from Jeans, t-shirt, shorts and a tank top are all included.

I wanted to make some summer paper doll clothing, but I confess men’s clothing isn’t my gift. Drawing contemporary men’s clothing still is something I find rather challenging, because I struggle to regularly come up with new ideas.

The guy Sprite’s t-shirt today is based off one I saw a student wearing on the campus where I work. The orange shorts are well, just a pair of orange shorts.

I mean, sometimes even guys want non-neutral pants, right? (I have no idea if this is true, actually.)

The Sprites ladies top is from a contemporary catalog. Her jeans are flares which I have been told are in fashion. I added the designs to the bottom when I decided there was something sorta vintage 1970s going on. Those designs were originally going to go on her top, but I thought that was too busy. The

Sprites, just like every series, I think think need a mix of clothing. I really enjoyed contemporary paper dolls when I was kid, usually ones from Golden Books which had punch out dolls and clothing. I preferred the cut out books, because with the punch out books the tabs often got ripped.

So, when I design contemporary stuff I’m always thinking of those old books, though today’s summer paper doll clothing owes more to what I see on the college campus where I work.

Speaking of all clothing types, tomorrow there will be a historical dress and then Friday there will be something sci-fi. I’m super busy this week and will be traveling a bit, so I will try to respond to comments and emails and such, but that might not happen.

What types of paper doll clothing do you like best? Let me know in a comment!

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Poppet’s Paper Dolls Go A Bit Tom-Boy & There are Rocketships

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Little Boys Clothing & Rocket Ships

A printable paper doll clothing set with two shirts and a pair of pants for the Poppet paper doll series from

A printable paper doll clothing set with two shirts and a pair of pants for the Poppet paper doll series from

I will confess that I tend to like girly clothing for the Poppets. Lots of skirts and ruffles and things, but I realized not every one shares my feelings, so I wanted to do some tom-boy clothing for them as well.

I’m not sure about the rocket. I think it would not make it to space, but oh well… not every rocket is a winner, as they say.

I want to give the pants deep pockets for collecting important things, like interesting rocks and other treasures of childhood. The colors were chosen to be masculine without feeling stodgy or old. It’s a riff on a primary color scheme, really, with some orange added in for good measure.

The scheme was my original plan for the Asian Poppet paper doll that I posted earlier in the month, but I didn’t like the yellow being in both the clothing and on the doll’s stand. But, since I did like the color scheme, I used it in today’s set of paper doll clothing.

I am all about recycling and limiting the work I have to do.

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