Archives Round Up: Paper Dolls In Regency Dress

First of all, I hereby forbid any debate about what to call the period between 1800 and 1820. It’s got many many names and I just don’t have the tolerance for the debate, y’all.

Anyway, I made 1820 my cut off date, though you could argue that the waistline progressively drops through that decade until it hits the natural waist about 1828-1830 and then the silhouette really changes.

But you know, that’s a level of nuance that I just decided I didn’t care that much about.

Women’s Regency Fashion in Paper Dolls

There’s two more Regency dresses I’ve created for the patrons over on Patreon and, of course, an extra paper doll outfit every Friday.

Archives Round Up: Post-Apocalyptic Fashion Paper Dolls

I think my interest in post-apocalyptic fashion/clothing really started with watching Tank Girl and Mad Max at an early age. There’s probably other B-movies from the 80’s and early 90’s with bombed out towns and questionable clothing choices, but those are the two I most solidly remember. I think Mad Max: Fury Road is a much better movie, by the way, than either of those, but those are the ones I recall from my youth.

I was not a youth when Mad Max: Fury Road came out.

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion Paper Dolls

I have drawn post-apocalyptic clothing for the Jewels and Gemstones, but it’s a Patreon exclusive. As always, there’s an additional Jewels and Gemstones outfit today over there as well.

Archives Round Up: 10 Knights!

Secretly, I think of this set as paper doll knights, the practical armor edition. Because I also have a love of super impractical armor and I suspect someday I’ll have to gather those up too for a collection.

10 Knight Paper Dolls

It always fascinates me to see all of one style of paper doll in one place, especially when the dates range from the early part of the blog’s life back in 2014 with Rebecca Grace to something I created just a few month my Noble Knight set.

And, since it is Friday, I thought I would remind folks that there’s a Friday paper doll on Patreon every week. Just 2 dollars a month gets you access.

Archives Delve: Two Dozen Fun Mermaid Printable Paper Dolls from the Archives

So, there’s this thing on the social medias (see, you can tell I’m super social media savvy by how I talk about it) where people say that May is “Mer-May” and they draw and celebrate mermaids, for I suspect, no reason except that mer-May sounds cool.

There maybe a nuance to this whole thing I am missing? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I thought it was a great excuse to collect up a bunch of the different mermaid paper dolls I’ve done over the years and share them here. I don’t think all of my work is super kid friendly, but when I draw mermaids I’m nearly always thinking about kids. I loved mermaids as a child. So, I think of these as all being mermaid printables for kids, where as some of my like- post-apocalyptic stuff is maybe less kid friendly.

Some of these are designed to be magnetic paper dolls and you can print them on magnetic paper. They are super addicting to play with (if you like dress up games and such- if you don’t like dress up than um… I don’t know if this is really the blog for you.)

24 Mermaid Printables for Kids

Hopefully, I will get more mermaids drawn this month. I have a few sketched, but I haven’t gotten them inked or scanned or even close to completion. So, stay tuned for that update and, as always, if you’re curious what I’m up too than you can follow me on the social medias for more in-progress images.

Archives Dive: Paper Dolls of the 1960s & Their Clothing

I love 1960s fashion. So, I also love paper dolls of the 1960s and these paper dolls are my ode to that era and it’s amazing fashions. Seriously, drawing this beehive for Abigail was maybe the most fun thing I’ve done in a while. I still find the beehive one of those hairstyle that you think must be a joke, until you find vintage photos.

And then it is like, nope… that was a real thing. (Yes, I know I can’t make too much fun- I was alive in the 1990s.)

Paper Dolls Of the 1960s & Clothing of the 1960s

The other really great thing about the 1960s is how colorful it was. One of the best parts of that decade was that they really embraced radical color schemes. I know some people might argue some of the radical color schemes weren’t attractive, but as someone who loves color. I think it is super fun.

As always, it is Friday, so a friendly reminder that over on patreon there’s a Friday Paper Doll Post for my 2 dollar and up patrons every Friday.

Archives Delve Superhero Paper Dolls!

In honor of Monday’s super hero paper doll, I thought it would be fun to show a few of the other Super Hero paper dolls I’ve drawn over the years. Also, I saw Captain Marvel this week and really enjoyed it. I guess I’m just in a super hero mood!

Super Hero Paper Dolls!

An interesting fact about comic books: Before digital printing, comics were printed using four color printing. The colors were yellow, cyan (blue), magenta (red) and black. Every other color was made up of dots of these colors printed in various percentages. This meant there were only about 64 colors that could be used in comic books and, in reality, about half of them in darker shades looked the same in print.  So, choices were often made based on which colors were more easy to print and would stand out. That’s why bold color contrasting combinations (red and blue, green and purple, blue and yellow, ect… ) tend to show up. It was easier to print and  you got better results.

So, I tend to stick to this same principle when I’m designing Super Hero paper dolls. Meanwhile, as some of you probably already figured out, I’m stepping away from a regular schedule. I’ll be updating erratically- ideally three times a week or so, but no promises on that either.

If you want more regular updates, then join us on Patreon where there will be a Friday paper doll or outfit.

Archives Collection: All the Valentine’s Day Paper Dolls Thus Far!

I know, I know it’a not Friday. I’m mixing things up this week. The thing is that if say a parent wanted to print out a Valentine’s Day Printable for their kid, it would be much easier to do that today rather than wait until Thursday.

So, while there will be a Valentine’s paper doll on Thursday, I thought should do my weekly archives post today in case one of these other Valentine’s Day paper dolls might be something you might want to use.

I will also add, I felt a little weird putting this together, because it will be out of date the moment I get up this years paper doll, but that happens.

Valentine’s Day Paper Doll Printables

Valentine’s Day is one of my two favorite holidays to draw paper dolls for. The other is Halloween, of course.

Do you have a favorite holiday to create for? Let me know in a comment.