Sprites In Some Space Cyberpunk Clothing

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This Shirt and Other Things from my Cyberpunk/Scifi Fashion Pinterest Board
A set of original cyberpunk paper doll clothing designs for the Sprites printable paper doll series from paperthinpersonas.com.

A set of original cyberpunk paper doll clothing designs to color for the Sprites printable paper doll series from paperthinpersonas.com.

I’ve been on a bit of a cyberpunk kick lately, so today’s paper doll clothing has a distinct cyberpunk thing going on. I collect cyberpunk clothing inspirations on my Pinterest cyberpunk/sci-fi fashion board. The only piece I remember influencing today’s clothing is this t-shirt which was the basis for the gent’s shirt.

I’m sure there were other influences, because you can’t look a dozens of images and not be influenced. That’s how inspiration works, really.

Originally, today’s paper doll set had a red and black color scheme. I though that was a little dull. So, I borrowed the colors from my Space Pirates Sprites set and used them instead. The added advantage of this is that you can mix and match this set with the Space Pirates set perfectly.

And how doesn’t want to do that? I mean, everything is better with Space Pirates. (Space Pirates are slightly more entertaining than regular pirates.)

By the way, for my Patrons, there’s the original color scheme posted on the Patreon page. See it here.

Meanwhile, let me know what you think of today’s Sprite paper doll set in a comment. I always love to hear from you all.

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The Mini-Maidens Get Some Bloomers & a Top Hat in Today’s Paper Doll Steampunk Coloring Page

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This Steampunk Outfit
A printable paper doll steampunk coloring page from paperthinpersonas.com. The paper doll outfit can fit any one of the dozens of Mini-Maidens paper dolls

While I was never a big colorer as a kid, I do love creating black and white paper dolls, like today’s steampunk coloring page. I never liked coloring big expanses when I did color. So, the paper doll designs with more detail would be, I think, more fun to color.

(I maybe wrong of course. I don’t work in non-computer media much anymore. Someone who does should feel free to correct me in the comments about my coloring assumptions.)

So, I was very much feeling that I didn’t want to draw another steampunk fashion paper doll set when I saw this wonderful steampunk outfit on Pinterest and changed my mind. At first, I confess, it was the hair that got me, but I also adore the bodice.

So, I set to work on the paper doll’s bodice and the bloomers. Then I did the tights and invented some shoes. Striped stockings might be cliche, but I still really like them.

The hat was a last minute edition, because I thought the outfit needed something else. The set just didn’t feel complete without it.

Personally, the garters at the top of her stockings make me smile the most. I think they are just so fun! Though potentially impractical, because if you must lock on your garters that would just be a pain in the butt.

Still, as I have often said, paper dolls are not a place for practicality. If they did, I don’t know if I could draw them anymore. Half the fun is creating things I think look cool but would never wear.

So, love today’s paper doll steampunk coloring page? Hate it? Let me know in a comment! I always love to hear from you guys.

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Monica in a Cyberpunk Future with Some Super Cool Shoes

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: These Super Amazing Shoes That I Would Fall Over In

A cyberpunk African-American paper doll with a dress and shoes from paperthinpersonas.com. As part of the Marisole Monday & Friend's series there are hundreds of outfit she can wear.

A cyberpunk African-American paper doll with a dress and shoes from paperthinpersonas.com. As part of the Marisole Monday & Friend's series there are hundreds of outfit she can wear.

Every paper doll has a beginning. Sometimes, the beginning is more complicated than other times. Today’s paper doll and cyberpunk dress came about because of the shoes.

A few months ago I saw these amazing shoes on Pinterest and I immediately thought, “Oh, my goodness. I want to draw those.”

And so, I did.

But a paper doll set needs more than one rocking pair of shoes, so I tried to image who/where one might wear a pair of strap covered platform shoes. Strap covered platform shoes immediately equate with cyberpunk in my head.

I mean, you sure as shooting aren’t going to wear them hiking.

So, the amazing shoes obviously needed a cyberpunk dress. I designed the dress to try to match the shoes. The narrow straps on the dress mirror the straps on the shoes. The two tone colors on the dress highlight the narrow strapping details. After all, if I am going to draw tiny narrow straps than I darn well want them to be obvious.

Then I realized that I had drawn a fair number of paper doll outfits in the latest batch of Marisole Monday & Friend’s content, but I did not have a lot of dolls. So, I needed hair for Monica. The hair would also need to be to toned, I decided.

Because if you can match your hair to your shoes, why wouldn’t you?

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Janette in Space! The Paper Doll Frontier Apparently Involves Short Shorts

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Science-Fiction Television
A printable paper doll in black and white to color with a science fiction inspired outfit. Her outfit is a shirt with a harness, very short shorts and a pair of knee high boots with zipper detailing. She also has a ray-gun.
Once I decided I was going to devote the whole week to Janette, I knew I needed to draw three really different versions of her. The first set on Monday was Janette: Contemporary Edition and now I’ve got Janette: Science Fiction Edition, or as I have nicknamed her- Janette in Space!!!

(Yes, all three exclamation points are needed.)

I love sci-fi tv, especially if it isn’t too heavy. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am super enjoying watching Dark Matter on Netflix. I just finished Season One (No spoilers please) and I am going to dive into Season Two soon. I also binged Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency recently. I’m also watching Midnight, Texas which I can’t decide if I like or if I think is sorta dumb.

The Midnight, Texas books are pretty good, if you like Charlene Harris‘s brand of goofy absurdist paranormal fiction, which I always have. She also has a great blog that I read for her book recs.

Anyway, to get back to the paper doll, today’s Janette has a ray-gun, or regular gun, it’s really up to you. I like that some of the latest sci-fi shows are just showing normal guns in space, rather than focusing on laser guns. I think it makes the violence feel more authentic, in a good way. Disintegrating people makes it too easy to pretend that wasn’t a person who just got killed on television and softens the danger in a way I often dislike.

I have no idea if that last paragraph made a lick of sense to anyone whose not me, so let me know in a comment.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone enjoy’s today’s Janette Mini-Maiden paper doll and there will a third Janette posting Friday. If you like her style, but aren’t sure about her specifically, I have a bunch more sci-fi and cyberpunk paper dolls to choose from.

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Expressing My Love of Punk Music Through Paper Dolls, Like You Do

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:1970s Punk Music, plus this picture, this picture and this picture
A black and white paper doll outfit coloring page. The outfit is inspired by 1970s punk and consists of a leather biker jacket, torn shirt and mini-skirt. The paper doll's wig is styled into a mohawk. The shoes are a leather knee high boots.
Here’s a fact most people don’t know about me. I love 1970s classic punk music.

It is not at all uncommon to hear me singing along loudly to the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, the Clash or Blondie while driving in my car. So, when July’s theme- Musical Genre rolled around, I knew from the get go that I was drawing a classic punk outfit for the Collaborative Paper Doll Project that myself, Boots, Miss. Missy and Julie have taken on.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t settle on punk at first. At first, I thought I would do jazz with a 1920s get up, or maybe country music (another love) with a banjo and a cowboy hat. But as I sat in my living room listening to the Ramones, I realized that I really should embrace one of my first and strongest musical loves. So, Punk it was.

(In case you are wondering, here’s a link to my favorite Ramones’ song.)

Once I settled on punk, I also knew I wasn’t going to do contempoary punk fashion or the punk fashion of my own adolsence. I wanted to draw a 1970s punk outfit.

That meant drawing what might be my first biker jacket, heavy duty boots and a mowhawk. I added buttons to the jacket and lots of spikes. The tiny mini-skirt and torn up shirt seemed to fit the aesthetic.

There’s lots of pictures of Punk attire on my Punk Fashion pinterest board, but this picture, this picture and this picture, all from the 1970s, inspired today’s punk look.

This month’s Paper Doll Collaboration theme was “Musical Styles” and obviously, I chose punk. Head over to Paper Doll School, Popculture Looking Land and Miss. Missy’s Paper Dolls to see what other folks are creating.

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Some Post-Apocalyptic Paper Doll Fashions for the Sprites

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Mad Max: Fury Road and Post-Apocalyptic Fashions from my Pinterest Board

A set of post-apocalyptic fashions for paper doll inspired by all things end of the world. Designed to fit the Sprites paper doll series from paperthinpersonas.com.

A set of summer paper doll clothing for boy and girl paper dolls in color or black and white from paperthinpersonas.com. Jeans, t-shirt, shorts and a tank top are all included.

Some of you may recall that I posted a pair of post apocalyptic Sprites a few weeks ago- Willow and Shirou. Around the same time I drew them, which was around the same time I rewatched Mad Max: Fury Road, I ended up drawing this set of clothing as well. I decided to wait a little while to post it, because really, how much post-apocalyptic fashion is too much?

There may not be a good answer to that question, I confess.

While I do enjoy the post apocalyptic stuff, I find the color schemes are often intensely limited. Things tend to be army green, camo colors and khaki. For this set, I really wanted to embrace the colors of the desert, so I chose a light teal, purple-brown and a oxblood red. The teal reminded me of succulents and the purple-brown of rocks.

Along wit Mad Max: Fury Road, which inspired a round of sketching for post-apocalyptic paper doll attire, I also used my own Post-Apocalyptic pinterest board for inspiration.

While I have doubts about the practicality of most of this clothing, I think we all can agree that practicality is never the hallmark of  my paper doll creations.

As always, let me know what  you think in a comment and have a great day!

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New Romantics Paper Doll Fashions

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Patron Request for New Romantic Fashions
A guy New Romantics paper doll outfit with a poets shirt and several belts from paperthinpersonas.com.

Paper doll post-apocalyptic fashion with boots, stockings and a sweater for the Marisole Monday and Friends printable paper doll series from paperthinpersonas.com.

While I was researching New Romantics fashion for yesterday’s printable paper doll, I discovered that it was a lot easier to identify men’s clothing that was influenced by the style than it was women’s clothing.

This picture was my primary inspiration for the outfit. Because I knew I wanted to tuck the poet’s shirt into the trousers, I had to make it all in one piece

I do sort of regret not going further and doing like an Adam Ant sort of outfit… but there is always next time.

This isn’t the usual way I design paper doll clothing, but I do think you have to the adapt to the medium as it makes sense. In fact, I just finished penciling a regency Sprite’s men’s suit that does the same thing.

Sometimes, it is easiest to draw outfits in one piece, even if that’s not my natural instinct.

Now, I will admit that while I don’t know much about New Romantic fashion, I do have a soft place in my heart for a man in a poet shirt. Can’t lie about that one.

I should add my favorite Adam and the Ants song is Stand and Deliver, but I should say in the interest of full disclosure that his music is more New Wave Punk than New Romantics, or so I’ve been told.

(I still listen to that song while I clean my apartment and dance around, so I will not be deterred from liking it.)

Meanwhile, I don’t really have a guy paper doll with quite the right hair for this outfit, but I might actually recommend Marcus The Warrior. The beads in his hair seem apropos of the style. Super long haired Mikhail might also work, but not as well.

As always, let me know what you think of poet shirts or paper dolls or anything else in the comments.

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