WIP Week: B Pose In Progress- 1930s and Fantasy Gown

Confession: I can’t show off any C pose stuff, because I don’t have any in progress. I’m working on some, but it’s not yet ready for sharing. Instead, I have some B pose progress images from Photoshop files of what I have been working on.

First up is this fantasy outfit. I’m not sure about the color scheme. I think it needs some tweaking. So, you can expect that to change a bit, but the outfit was fun to draw and I think feels a little kaftan like.

Just like I’ve been working on historical 18th Century Alice, I’ve also been working on a 1930s Benedita and a 1940s Beatrix. So, here are two 1930s outfits. Both are from sewing patterns. I love the sleeves on the dress on the right. Very period and very over the top.

So, next week we’ll be back to paper dolls with 18th century Alice for at least two days of the week (maybe three, depending) and then we’ll go from there. I hope everyone has enjoyed WIP week and it has allowed me to get a lot of paper dolling done.

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WIP Week: B Pose Sketchbook Images

Top Image: Sci-fi Mix and Match, Fantasy Warrior. Bottom Image: Fantasy gown, 1945 Sundress and Sci-fi Mix and Match

There’s still a bit of a learning curve going on with the Dames and Dandies paper dolls. I’m still trying to sort out how many pieces I need to “make” a post and what works best for each pose. Pose B, for example, is better for showing off shoes and trouser details. Pose A, for example, I think is more historical feeling. Pose C is my only guy.

The first image is a sci-fi mix and match set. I settled on six pieces for the set. With two bottoms, three tops and one pair of shoes, there’s at least six different outfit combinations. I hope this feels like enough when I get to the layout stage.

Next there is a set of armor over a gown. I originally planned this design for the Sprites, but I never posted it or finished it for that matter. So, I redesigned it for the B Pose Dames. I might re-design the guy version for the Dandies, but I wasn’t as in love with it.

The second image is more of the sci-fi set. Then there’s a classic medieval inspired fantasy gown and a 1945 sundress. I designed a 1940s Beatrix version and I decided I needed at least two dresses to make a post and I needed an extra one. So, this fixes that set.

So, of all of these, which is your favorite?

WIP Week: 18th Century Alice

I had a plan. It was a good plan. However, it involved finishing the paper dolls shown below and I was very close. Very close.

Until I realized this evening that I had not saved the files correctly and I would have to redo several hours of layout work. I realized I just wasn’t going to get that done tonight and had nothing to post.

A solution presented itself in the form of a suggestion from a  friend for “WIP week.” WIP stands for work-in-progress. This is my chance to share some WIP images from my computer and sketchbook. Plus, it’ll also give me a chance to “wip up” some backlog.

(Sorry, I love puns.)

Okay, so I’ve been working on these paper dolls with historical undergarments. This is Alice in some mid-18th century underwear. She’s wearing a chemise, stays, pocket, stockings and shoes. There’s also a set of hoops and three pairs of shoes.

One dress will be red in pleated and there maybe a second color scheme. I based this robe à la française on this gown from 1770. This dress is designed to fit over the doll and her hoops. It’s a very formal gown from 1770 and I had a lot of fun with the pleating.

I had thought about posting two versions of Alice, one with period underwear and one without, so she could wear jeans and such. In the end, I decided that I was just making my life “too complicated” and it made more sense just to post the period undies version. Of course, the 18th century gown will work on any of A pose paper dolls, but the Alice 18th century doll won’t be able to share all the A Pose clothing.

That might be more detail than you wanted to know. Wenesday there will be some photos from my sketchbook and on Friday I’ll share more progress images. Hopefully, this week will give me some time to get my backlog back in order and so we’ll be strong through the end of March and beyond.

Clothing Previews for Dames and Dandies

Top: Sketchbook penciled pages. Bottom: Cleaned up line-work.

Today, we have some clothing previews. I’m actually pretty far along at this point (thank goodness) or I would be having a panic attack at the moment.

I’ve been working on layouts for everything and getting the first few weeks of January scheduled.

So, it’s a short update for today!

Meet the Dames in Dames and Dandies

So, I’ve been coloring paper dolls like a mad woman all week, super enjoying myself.

Here is the first set of girl paper dolls.

Top: (L to R) Alice and Akiko. Bottom: (L to R) Benedita and Beatrix

The top two dolls are in the A pose. The doll on the left is Alice and the doll on the right is Akiko.

The bottom two dolls are in the B pose. The doll on the left is Benedita and the doll on the right is Beatrix. These girls are still in progress, obviously. I need to color Beatrix and finish coloring Benedita.

Each doll’s face will be used regularly and I’ll note each new style of doll with the term “version” so these are all version 1. The dolls won’t always come with just shoes, but these first ones will in order to establish and certain number of shoes seemed logical. I want to later do themed dolls with at themed outfit, like this Min-Seo punk doll, for example.

There will be guys as well, of course. They will be in the C pose and will all have C names. I am still working on them. Like often happens, the ladies took priority.

So, what do you think? Do you have a favorite already?

The Future… Meet the New Series

In 2009, something horrible and magnificent happened- I crashed my entire blog.

I didn’t have a great backup and I didn’t know that I had a friend (he was just an acquaintance then) who could have probably fixed it.

It was simitaniously horrible and completely liberating. Freed of the constraints of what I had done before, I started fresh with a new format, new layouts, new everything.

Lately, I have felt a great deal of blog ennui. Since I haven’t crashed the entire site (thank goodness), I don’t have any kick in the pants to change things.

A week ago, a dear friend said to me: If you could do anything with the blog, what would you do?

It took only an instant to know the answer: Update daily and only have one paper doll series.

And then I gave all the reasons I couldn’t do that: Marisole Monday is my most popular series. B&B is my only curvy series… I have a million reasons.

But the reason I should do it was also utterly clear- It excited me.

Ever since I made the decision, I have been working with the sort of manic delight that I haven’t felt about creating paper dolls in at least a year or more. Last time I really remember feeling it was when I was researching vikings for my Viking paper doll.

I spent all of Saturday sketching and erasing and scanning and fixing. I called my mom and asked what she thought of various names for the new series.

I lost track of time and stayed up far to late working on shoes and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Hulu.

In short, I felt delight and delight is why I have this hobby to begin with.

Every Thursday until the end of the year, I will share updates about where and how this is going. I will keep you all as much in the loop as I can. Until then, I hope you can share my excitement as I close the door on one period of the blog’s life and open it to another one.

Here’s the two previews to share:

The templates I sketched in my notepad. On the left, many many drafts of the guys. I confess I am still not great at drawing guys. On the right are the ladies.

The base dolls of the new series whose name will probably be Dames and Dandies. The gents on the left and the two lady poses on the right. I will share more next week.

Let me know what you think in a comment.

P.S: I am currently working on updating my theme. Please forgive me while things look a little messy and strange around here. 🙂

And More Work in Progress… Historical Poppets & Hip-Hop

So, I confess that when I started this new schedule I thought it would be easier to keep up with, but these different types of posts have different types of requirements. I suppose, I am slowly learning what I like and don’t like about posting.

This Friday, we have some progress images from some of the paper doll sets I prepped earlier this week. I inked five pages from my sketchbook on Wenesday, added tabs to five, erased all the pencil work and then scanned.

All this and I now have 12 more paper doll sets in progress. Here are three of them:


Back when I was setting up my massive paper doll index, I realized that I really didn’t have any Edwardian era paper dolls (one has one outfit, technically). Strictly, the Edwardian era is the Reign of King Edward the 7th, or 1901-1910. However, it is not at all uncommon to extend the era to 1914 which is the beginning of World War 1, as it was such a major social change, or to back date it to the 1890s when Queen Victoria’s influence on society was on the wane.

Anyway, the point is that, if you measure the era by 1901-1910, I didn’t have a single paper doll which applied. Shocking, but true, so I drew these dresses based on designs from a 1908 Macy’s catalog for the Poppet series. Part of why I don’t like this era is that I am not a huge fan of the pigeon breast look which so central to the period.


In another dabble into historical children’s clothing for the Poppets, here is a set of dressed from the 1860s. These are from the early 1860s and are slightly higher waisted. I’ve also included pantaloons, shoes and hats. The accessories are meant to go with the two dresses.

As you may recall, I have dabbled in the 1869 before, but that era is practically the early 1870s anyway. These are early 1860s dresses before the whole bustle thing.


In a totally different theme, here is my foray into hip-hop fashion. The list of major hip-hop stars with fashion lines is astronomical, so it makes senses to create something in this vein. I confess to not knowing much about hip-hop fashion, but I have been doing my research and I am excited to post this first page of what will be a few pages. I have two more pages to finish.

And that is the little preview of what I’ve been working on all week!

Which sets are you guys looking forward too?

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