Five Blogs I love And you Might, Too (And they Aren’t about Paper Dolls)

5 Blogs I love and you Might Too
First things first: L’Shanah Tovah everyone. It’s going to be a great 5775, I’m sure. I made challah from scratch last night and I can’t wait to share it with my co-workers today. Rosh Hashanah competes with Purim as my favorite Jewish holiday.

Anyway…One of the big struggles I have is finding blogs that I really want to read and I want to come back to. Sure, I can find blogs at a moment, but rarely do I return over and over again. It’s too easy to get bored by either the content or the lack of good images. I have yet to find a really good compelling library blog, though I keep looking for one.

Clearly, I love paper dolls. (And you’re all thinking… Duh!) However, some of my favorite blogs are not actually paper doll blogs. Rather, I like these blogs because they are well written, have great photos and update fairly regularly.

1. Smitten Kitchen

My sister introduced me to this blog (Thanks, sis) and I love the recipes. Last night, I made this challah for Rosh Hashanah and my whole apartment smelled like fresh bread. Wonderful. Also, I desperately want to try out this pretzel recipe. Plus, even when I don’t want to make the recipe, I find the writing is completely charming.

2. While She Naps

I’ve been reading While She Naps for a lot longer than I have even owned a sewing machine. All the posts are well written and I particularly love how transparent Abby is about her business and her patterns are totally cute. I can’t wait to make one of these guys for a coworkers grandchild.

3. American Indian’s in Children’s Literature

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned AICL before, but if I haven’t, I totally should. It’s a great blog about issues of depictions of Native American’s in children’s books from pictures books all the way up to chapter books. I don’t always agree with Debbie’s assessments, but I really value her thoughts on the subject. Though, if you have a favorite book with Native characters, than you can expect that it might get slammed here. (I will NEVER look at the Education of Little Tree the same way again.)

4. Wren*Feathers

I love dolls of all kinds and I really like the idea of sewing, even if I don’t always get to sewing. This fantastic blog offers dozens of free patterns for dolls of all different shapes and sizes. The photos are beautiful and the patterns are wonderful. I’ve made several of them myself and I can’t wait to make more.

5. Toy Box Philosopher

Another doll blog (not shocking) comes from Emily at Toy Box Philosopher. I have never read such detailed and thoughtful reviews of toys in my life. Her critical assessments of new products, wonderful photography and open writing style means that I enjoy reading about things I could and would never buy (like this weird surprise birth cat toy that freaks me out a little).

So, those are a few of my regular blog reads. What do you guys read? Any suggestions for great blogs that I might have missed? What attracts you to a blog?

Fifteen Paper Dolls from Deviant Art

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the Web I love checking out Deviant Art for paper dolls and I have done it a few times before. I like to think the presence of paper dolls suggests that maybe they are making a come back, but in truth I doubt it. Still, it’s nice to look around and see what is out there and the variety is astonishing. Many of these artists have more paper dolls in their galleries, so be sure to check there for more. I think everything here is Pg-13, nothing too R rated. Enjoy!

1. Beautiful pin-up esque Fan-Girl Paper Dolls by lovelyzitalee
2. Delightful Princess Paper Dolls by BetterThanBunnies. There are multiple papges for this set, so be sure to check those out too.
3. Icequeen by xXTheFireCatXx who has lots of other paper dolls in her gallery.
4. Pinkhaired fairy by Mauau whose another prolific paper doll artist.
5. An undead paper doll by leenahoo with costumes from WOW, Death Note and the Corpse Bride.
6. A paper doll by gurlgotkat2000 with some hanbok and other outfits.
7. Paper Doll of Stephen Maturin by johanirae and I confess to having no idea who Stephen Maturin is, but this paper doll has some rocking 18th century duds.
8. A paper doll by killercreampuff with striped pants and some cute glasses.
9. SMV Sailor Nisaba Paper Doll by nickyflamingo with some wonderful costumes… I didn’t know anyone still watched Sailor Moon, to be honest.
10. Printable Frozen Paper Dolls by gianjos that you can download and they are so cute.
11. The devil wears Prada by GlaceLeau features some nice wings
12. Joker x Harley ‘Mad Love’ Paper Doll by SnowFright which I’m including just for Boots and other comic fans.
13. Dress Me by Loputyn is a really beautifully painted piece.
14. Paperdoll Angelique sheet for printing by BlackBastet makes me wish I knew how to use Illustrator.
15. Miss Piggy paper doll by Dvythmsky and how cool is that?

17 Paper Dolls from Deviant Art…

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the WebI love stalking Deviant Art for paper dolls and I have done it a few times before (here and here and here and here). I often find really beautiful things that I wouldn’t expect and strange things that I would. I adore the idea that paper dolls might be making a come back (okay… probably not, but maybe…) and so I am always intrigued by the options available. I should add that many of these artists have more paper dolls in their galleries…. I’ve just included whatever was my favorite.

  1. Paper Dolls are Magic: Rainbow Dash by lucky-lotto and I agree… Paper Dolls are Magic! (Also friendship, but I digress.)
  2. A bunch of Monster High dolls by MeganEliMoon, but they need some clothes, poor things.
  3. New Girl, Jess Day Paper Doll by emmapaigebrooks, a little NSFW, but cute none of the less.
  4. A charming gentleman paper doll named Isi by rockafellow, with more friends in the gallery.
  5. Arthur paper doll from the TV show Merlin by CandyMacaron and I’ve only see the episodes of the show, but it was fun.
  6. Paper Victims by ya-na and I think they’d wonderfully well done.
  7. Iron-Man Armory pick the armor thing by WolfeHanson and it’s for boys, mostly, so I included it, but the lack of tabs makes me wonder how you play with it, exactly. Glue perhaps?
  8. Digimon Paper Dolls of Miyako/Yolei Inoue by EternallyOptimistic and I confess to not knowing anything about Digimon, but the paper doll is cute.
  9. Check out this beautiful piece of direct mail from ModCloth… it’s enough to make me wish I had got it or that I shopped at ModCloth more often.
  10. Really cute Pride and Prejudice Paperdoll by bohae though her lack of a mouth kinda freaks me out a tiny bit.
  11. A modern paper doll of Disney’s Belle by Tella-in-SA whose quite cute… I’d wear most of her clothing anyway.
  12. Commission: Dress-Up Doppelgirl by KabukiKatze is a curvy superhero with beautiful red hair (and we all know my love of red hair…).
  13. Lady Gaga Paper Doll: Howard Stern Show by DibuMadHatter with the classic blond hair and red lips I always think of Lady Gaga with.
  14. Lillian paper doll by Persphonefallen and I love her expression…
  15. What is possibly the coolest wedding invitation I have ever seen by whyamitheconvict… I seriously want this for my wedding… of course, I’m not getting married anytime soon, but if I was.
  16. Glinda Paper Doll part 1 by Lewis-James and I love her drapes of her skirt, even if I think Oz was a really bad movie.
  17. A really beautiful paper doll named Charity by anastasiaDAYW. The patterns on the costumes are fantastic.

So that’s all for this set of links, feel free to browse my previous collections and you might find something else interesting.

Paper Doll Hunting for Fun… In Polish

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the Web Man, looking for paper dolls in foreign languages is a total blast, plus I keep finding new and neat things. So another reader, let me know that lalki papierowe is the Polish term for paper dolls. Here’s a few of the paper dolls I found…

Magdelana Babinska is an artist who does beautiful work and has a selection of paper dolls, including a darling baby, True Blood and Twlight, on her blog.

Little girl with pigtails and cute modern costumes is fun to check out and here is a darling doll in Muslim dress.

On the other hand, if you want your child to grow up to be a cleaning lady… here’s the paper doll for you. I can’t decide how I feel about this paper doll. She’s interesting, but I think about how hard the cleaning women who do the library work and I feel its a little disrespectful…

Of course, I haven’t read the entire Polish blog post, so there’s that.

Moving on… we have a cute vintage boy and a chick with a giant head.

I don’t know what to make of this paper doll, but I like the tattoos.

So, I can now add Polish to my Swedish and Danish paper doll hunting.

“Klippdocka” is Swedish for Paper Doll…

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the Web One of my readers, Erin, reminded me that klippdocka is the word for paper doll in Swedish (since I did that post on Påklædningsdukker) and so that sent me scurrying off to image searches (I actually like Bing more than Google for this sort of thing) and I found a lot and got reminded about a blog I’d rather forgotten about, despite having it on my links page.

Anna’s Blog hasn’t been active in a few years, but since the archives are available, its worth checking out. Her paper dolls are beautifully rendered in pencils and markers, always full color and vibrant. Her main paper doll has incredible historical costumes (this is my favorite) and she has other beautiful paper doll sets as well. I can’t say enough nice things about her work, and I wish she was still blogging with us.

Other Swedish dolls about include a vintage aesthetic paper doll by Agnes Brandels and a Fröken Hallonsemla paper doll with a really cute cat.

Here’s a high fashion paper doll and here’s one that is a ballerina paper doll.

A 30th birthday paper doll with a great Hula outfit is pretty funny.

Vintage style pin up paper doll, safe for work, I promise… and another vintage feeling paper doll named Emily with jumpers, lots of jumpers.

I have noticed a lot of vintage styling in these Swedish paper dolls. I think people associate paper dolls with the past more than the present, which is a pity I suppose. Online dress up games are very popular these days, but for me, as a child, the best thing about a paper doll was getting to draw my own costumes for them. I wonder if that are of the equation is missing, both with magnetic paper dolls and with the online kind.

Who knew looking for klippdocka would make my nostalgic? As always, enjoy the paper dolls.

Påklædningsdukker… or I just found out how to say Paper Doll in Danish…

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the Web I recently received a very kind email from a reader letting me know that påklædningsdukker is Danish for paper doll. This, of course, caused a flurry of Google searching to track down paper dolls I might have missed around the web since many non-English sites never get indexed if you don’t know the right language keywords. (I’d insert a rant here about imperialism, the roman alphabet, the English language, and the internet, but really… I don’t think anyone cares…)

While I was searching Karen’s Blog came up often. I’ve linked to her blog on my Links page for a while, but for those of you who haven’t visited, I recommend her site very highly. Karen’s paper dolls are beautifully drawn in black and white or color and her stuffed animals and horses are some of my favorites.

A collection of paper dolls from what looks like the Danish version of Women’s Day.

Vintage paper doll post cards from the 1950s, I think.

Princess Razibor and her son I am also thinking from the fifties. The mild nudity (and I do mean mild) is interesting for me when I think about how nervous we are in the United States about any nudity at all.

A collection of mother and baby (or Nanny and baby) paper dolls, the different styles through time are quite illustrative of artistic movements. There’s more of the collection if you click on the left side bar links.

A cute paper doll named Liv (I think?), I couldn’t find the source site.

I hope everyone enjoys the paper dolls in Danish. I certainly had fun tracking them down and learning a word in a new language.

Twenty Paper Dolls From Around the Web…

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the Web I tend to gather up links to paper dolls, so that once in a while I can post them like this. It’s both to show off the art of people I’ve never heard of before, but it’s also to embrace the intense diversity of these paper novelties. Some of these are printable and some are just photos, but all in all, I think it’s a fun listing.

1. Sophie, A Look Behind in Fashion by Susan Beebe is a wonderful page of the early 20th century.
2. Cheer-Up Hamlet Paper Doll which I find hilarious.
3. Darling girl from the 1920’s, I would guess…
4. Printable Paper Doll by ~Miragehedgehog which is pretty darn cute.
5. Sandy by *Bee-chii has a tiny walrus… I am so pleased.
6. Blythe Paper Doll by ~Imadork007 is darling and she doesn’t look much like the doll, but I like her.
7. Fairy paper doll by ~Mauau is wonderfully surreal.
8. Fuschia Fashion Plate by Elektra Q-Tion is a bad ass roller derby chick.
9. Fangirl Paper Doll by ~violatekate is sassy and on the edge of NSFW.
10. A Finnish circus cut out… the clown scares me…
12. Cute little old fashioned girl… though I don’t think she’s that 1960s looking.
13. Batman Paper-doll by ~SylvesterHansen which includes a stylish evening gown.
14. A fashion drawing gone all paper doll in yellow and black… I don’t know the artist, or anything else, but I really like it.
15. Paper Doll: Ivanby by Winter-Vodka which is probably an anime character I’ve never heard of.
16. A model of a paper horse, of course…
17. Arabian fairy tale postcard done with cats… The Victorian’s could be so wacky
18. The Howells, a rather serious looking fifties couple.
19. Janet Laura who the person posting it says is from the 1920s, but is actually by Larry Bassin, one of my favorite paper doll artists and is modern.
20. Louis Vuitton paper dolls… which are fantastic.

And that’s all for this time. Enjoy the paper doll links.

Paper Doll Links…

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the WebOriginally, I was just going to link things on Flickr, or Tumblr, or DeviantArt, but in the end I decided just to intermingle them all, mostly because I lost track of the sources. Enjoy the paper dolls. Some can be printed and some can’t, but they are all beautiful or at least interesting.

And yes, this is partly because I have been crazy busy and the paper doll blog has been sacrificed for the joys of National Novel Writing Month at which I am currently a few thousand words short. Seriously, I have to get back to writing now or I’ll never hit my 50,000 word mark.

1. Japanese vintage lady, I think from the fifties.
2. Paper dolls from Japan, probably fairly modern
3. A photographic paper doll which impresses me, I’m way to self conscious to let myself be photographed for something like this
4. A set of paper figures to cut out... like 52 from Harry Potter…
5. Beautiful doll done with vectors…. I wish I knew how to use vectors
6. Beautiful comic style paper doll of the singer Lana Del Rey from Deviantart
7. Really cute African-American bride with a huge smile
8. A totally fierce looking ballerina paper doll
9. A darling Halloween paper doll , she’s so cute compared to the dark paper dolls I usually like.
10. A beautiful paper doll with an unusual stand… I’m intrigued by that bit. I wonder how well it would really work.
11. Dress up Mario… I have nothing else to say about this…
12. A little racy and a little strange, but I like this paper doll… has some visible nipples though. Just so you know.
13. A black and white paper doll with traditional Chinese costumes from Inkspired Musings. You’ll have to scroll down a bit on the post to see her.
14. A cute pair of vintage paper dolls are celebrating Halloween.
15. Very cute, but a little creepy zombie girl, I think… maybe a ghost… hard to say.
16. Free nurse paper doll from the Paper Doll Review
17. Tiny Tots paper dolls from 1967 and I love the poodle.
18. A Thor paper doll (from the movie, not from Norse Mythology)

24 Paper Dolls from Deviant Art…

So, I was pawing around Deviant Art again and came across some really neat paper dolls from a variety of artists. I try to only link one paper doll from each artist (usually my favorite), but you should check out their galleries. There are some really cool paper dolls on Deviant Art. I’ve done this twice before and the same disclaimer applies: Not everything here is totally safe for the kiddies. You’ve been warned.

Now, on to 24 neat paper dolls:

28 More Paper Dolls From Flicker

Logo for Paper Dolls Around the Web Flicker is a great source for paper doll images. They aren’t all very printable, but they are often beautiful and I rely on it to find neat and inspiring stuff, also odd and strange stuff. And stuff I think is creep as all heck, though those I don’t usually save.

Here’s a set of 28 paper dolls from Flicker, along with some that fall into the “jointed paper doll” category. Not quite traditional paper dolls, but still pretty neat. I’d love to get some and frame them in shadow boxes.