Twenty Paper Dolls From Around the Web…

paper_doll_around_the_webI tend to gather up links to paper dolls, so that once in a while I can post them like this. It’s both to show off the art of people I’ve never heard of before, but it’s also to embrace the intense diversity of these paper novelties. Some of these are printable and some are just photos, but all in all, I think it’s a fun listing.

1. Sophie, A Look Behind in Fashion by Susan Beebe is a wonderful page of the early 20th century.
2. Cheer-Up Hamlet Paper Doll which I find hilarious.
3. Darling girl from the 1920’s, I would guess…
4. Printable Paper Doll by ~Miragehedgehog which is pretty darn cute.
5. Sandy by *Bee-chii has a tiny walrus… I am so pleased.
6. Blythe Paper Doll by ~Imadork007 is darling and she doesn’t look much like the doll, but I like her.
7. Fairy paper doll by ~Mauau is wonderfully surreal.
8. Fuschia Fashion Plate by Elektra Q-Tion is a bad ass roller derby chick.
9. Fangirl Paper Doll by ~violatekate is sassy and on the edge of NSFW.
10. A Finnish circus cut out… the clown scares me…
12. Cute little old fashioned girl… though I don’t think she’s that 1960s looking.
13. Batman Paper-doll by ~SylvesterHansen which includes a stylish evening gown.
14. A fashion drawing gone all paper doll in yellow and black… I don’t know the artist, or anything else, but I really like it.
15. Paper Doll: Ivanby by Winter-Vodka which is probably an anime character I’ve never heard of.
16. A model of a paper horse, of course…
17. Arabian fairy tale postcard done with cats… The Victorian’s could be so wacky
18. The Howells, a rather serious looking fifties couple.
19. Janet Laura who the person posting it says is from the 1920s, but is actually by Larry Bassin, one of my favorite paper doll artists and is modern.
20. Louis Vuitton paper dolls… which are fantastic.

And that’s all for this time. Enjoy the paper doll links.

Paper Doll Links…

paper_doll_around_the_webOriginally, I was just going to link things on Flickr, or Tumblr, or DeviantArt, but in the end I decided just to intermingle them all, mostly because I lost track of the sources. Enjoy the paper dolls. Some can be printed and some can’t, but they are all beautiful or at least interesting.

And yes, this is partly because I have been crazy busy and the paper doll blog has been sacrificed for the joys of National Novel Writing Month at which I am currently a few thousand words short. Seriously, I have to get back to writing now or I’ll never hit my 50,000 word mark.

1. Japanese vintage lady, I think from the fifties.
2. Paper dolls from Japan, probably fairly modern
3. A photographic paper doll which impresses me, I’m way to self conscious to let myself be photographed for something like this
4. A set of paper figures to cut out... like 52 from Harry Potter…
5. Beautiful doll done with vectors…. I wish I knew how to use vectors
6. Beautiful comic style paper doll of the singer Lana Del Rey from Deviantart
7. Really cute African-American bride with a huge smile
8. A totally fierce looking ballerina paper doll
9. A darling Halloween paper doll , she’s so cute compared to the dark paper dolls I usually like.
10. A beautiful paper doll with an unusual stand… I’m intrigued by that bit. I wonder how well it would really work.
11. Dress up Mario… I have nothing else to say about this…
12. A little racy and a little strange, but I like this paper doll… has some visible nipples though. Just so you know.
13. A black and white paper doll with traditional Chinese costumes from Inkspired Musings. You’ll have to scroll down a bit on the post to see her.
14. A cute pair of vintage paper dolls are celebrating Halloween.
15. Very cute, but a little creepy zombie girl, I think… maybe a ghost… hard to say.
16. Free nurse paper doll from the Paper Doll Review
17. Tiny Tots paper dolls from 1967 and I love the poodle.
18. A Thor paper doll (from the movie, not from Norse Mythology)

24 Paper Dolls from Deviant Art…

paper_doll_around_the_webSo, I was pawing around Deviant Art again and came across some really neat paper dolls from a variety of artists. I try to only link one paper doll from each artist (usually my favorite), but you should check out their galleries. There are some really cool paper dolls on Deviant Art. I’ve done this twice before and the same disclaimer applies: Not everything here is totally safe for the kiddies. You’ve been warned.

Now, on to 24 neat paper dolls:

1. Tina paper-doll by ~Johse is a neat use of digital artwork.
2. JOHN LENNON PAPER DOLL 4 by ~89000007ANL is what every Beatles fan needs… maybe…
3. Base Dolls with lots of outfits by~razzysri and I think I should get some reference here, but I don’t. Still, I like the paper dolls.
4. Taylor and Raine – Colour by ~idareu2bme with some clothes in black and white.
5. Paper Doll Kristen Stewart High Fashion Bella by ~NovellineArt has one some sexy undies, lemme tell ya…
6. Snowwhite by ~Mauau has furry friends and some sassy outfits, plus she’s done a Merida one too.
7. Lucy Pevensie Paper Doll by ~gianjos reminds me why I like CS Lewis so much.
10. Baby Paper Dollby ~Adoratia is proof I should get over my anti-baby paper dolls thing, because its really cute.
11. Elizabeth paper Doll by ~hdub7 is another one whose reference I feel like I should be getting, but don’t. Still, beautiful old-school style comic paper doll.
12. A Little Gibson Girl Paper Doll by ~LeslieMarieDawson was done in oil pastel, I think…
13. Garden Fairy Paper Doll by ~juliematthews happens to be quite pretty and green.
14. Poker Face Paper Doll by ~wunderbunny0602 is so… Gaga.
15. paper crafts paper doll by ~foodcoloring is on a great layout.
16. Red Ridinghood Paperdoll by ~pairtiger walks the line between cute and creepy, I think.
17. Paper Doll by ~dariauk is of a ballerina.
18. MLP-Lyra and bonbon paper dolls by ~dmsal1818 are a cute vintage couple.
19. Octavia by ~BeautyBeneath has other outfits too, but this is my favorite.
20. Paperdoll by ~lamenthia would be perfect for kids to color.
21. princess by ~alexpedreira has a prince and a wedding dress, so what else could she need? (Okay, so personally, I would also give her a sword and a bad attitude, but that’s just me…)
22. Paper dolls by ~kiti83 seem very cheerful for being so undressed…
23. adrian arlington paper doll by ~beriquito has got a great pirate outfit.
24. dollface- mr. crowfeathers by ~kungpowkitten is evidence that I do like male paper dolls, I just don’t draw them often.

28 More Paper Dolls From Flicker

paper_doll_around_the_webFlicker is a great source for paper doll images. They aren’t all very printable, but they are often beautiful and I rely on it to find neat and inspiring stuff, also odd and strange stuff. And stuff I think is creep as all heck, though those I don’t usually save.

Here’s a set of 28 paper dolls from Flicker, along with some that fall into the “jointed paper doll” category. Not quite traditional paper dolls, but still pretty neat. I’d love to get some and frame them in shadow boxes.

1. Tiny Betsy McCall paper doll by Siyi Lin
2. Vintage Igloo Kids Paper Dolls
3. Alice Paper Doll
4. venus paper doll
5. Exclusive Paper Doll Pattern from Emily Martin
6. Vintage little black boy paper doll
7. punk rock girl paper doll
8. Kitsune Paper Doll
9. Ted Nugent 2010 poster
10. paper_doll___goth
11. Francesca Modern Paper Doll
12. Briderella & an outfit
13. Neil Diamond paper dolls
14. Honey B paper doll
15. Midge of Barbie fame
16. Patsy’s Pin-up Page
17. Adventures of Polly & Peter Perkins
18. gilda the spy
19. Princessa Paper Doll
20. Miss Paper Doll
21. Paper jointed alpacas
22. Barbie
24. Flora McFlimsy paper doll
25. a 1920’s paper doll
26. wool & water paper doll
27. Little Fanny & her clothes
28. Mermaid jointed paper doll design

33 Paper Dolls from Flicker

paper_doll_around_the_webFrom Santa to skeletons and vintage to Victorian, Flicker is full of beautiful, odd, interesting, antique and sometimes slightly worrying paper dolls of all stripes. I’ve collected a few to show off today. As usual, some of these might not be right for the kiddies. Enjoy. I’m sure I’ll find more for another post soon enough.


Licca Paper Doll


Paper doll and her clothes with use of a modern Russian ornament.


Jonathan Coulton Paper Doll


corsetted skeleton paper doll


Mod Paper Dolls


Lettie’s Mother and Several of Her Costumes


Poppy Paper Dolls


two outfits


Paper Doll – Illustration


Ruby Bloom Paper Doll


Katy Keene Paper Doll 1956


“Marie” ~ Paper Doll


Ann Estelle sister paper doll Lilah


The Bionic Woman Paper Doll


Vintage Santa Paper Doll


“Downton Abbey” printable paper dolls


Women’s Weekly Paper Dolls – Libby


Paper doll Ann


Mon Petit Closet Magnetic Paper Doll


Paper doll owl


Paper Dolls- Fern Bisel Peat


Eden Paper Doll Full View


Gallarda Paper Doll


sailor moon4 paper doll


Boneca de papel / Paper doll


Vintage Paper Doll, Kangaroo


Paper Dolls from Jack and Jill,1962


Paper doll Patsy


Ddung Paper Dolls


Musical Bear


Vintage Ballerina Paper Dolls


Junko Mizuno Paper Doll


paper doll book for you to make


paper doll

African American & Black Paper Dolls Around the Web

paper_doll_around_the_webSince February is African American History Month (Or Black History Month, depending where you are), I spent some time searching around the web for paper dolls free to print that showed the browner side of the human spectrum.

Here are 14 that I found in my hour of searching, though I suspect there are more out there. Frankly, I was a little saddened at the lack of ethnic diversity in the paper dolls I could find on the web.

If you’d like to read about the history of black paper dolls, Arabella Grayson has a massive collection and some wonderful articles on her website about them.

1. Patty Reed Designs has two beautiful African American paper dolls as PDF’s to print.

2. Liana’s Paper Doll Blog currently on hiatus, has Grace who can wear any of the dresses Liana has drawn recently. There is also Iris who can wear any of the old series of dresses.

3. Phylicia Rashad from the Cosby Show is the free printable paper doll from Dover’s Classic TV Moms Paper Dolls.

4. Also from Dover, Ruby Dee, actress, and Beyonce, singer, from Famous African-American Actresses Paper Dolls.

5. And more Dover, Halle Berry dressed up as Storm and Cat Woman from Bruce Patrick Jone’s paper doll book Action Stars Paper Dolls. I own this one, and I can’t say enough nice things about it. The art is fantastic and the text is hilarious.

6. African American Paper Doll 1 and African American Paper Doll 2 from Twopeasinapod123’s Blog.

7. Brenda from the Paper Doll Garden is an adult African American woman paper doll with 10 pages of beautiful clothing.

Also from the Paper Doll Garden, Brittany, Sandra, Kim and Addy are all from the Little Girls series along with a few other cute friends (my favorite is Mandy with her glasses).

8. Andy Swist has drawn a set of True Blood paper dolls which includes the wonderful Tara and Layfette, complete with his glittery speedo underwear.

9. The only thing maybe better than True Blood paper dolls are Red Dwarf and Fire Fly paper dolls. These hand drawn ones from Anita’s Paper Dolls include the ever stylish Cat from Red Dwarf, played by Danny John-Jules and all the ladies of Fire Fly including Zoe played by Gina Torres.

10. Jackie Ormes is considered the first African American woman cartoonist. Along with the cartoon, she drew beautiful paper dolls illustrating a stylish well dressed African American woman named Torchy Brown. You can find Torchy paper dolls scattered around the web from sites like Marge8’s Paper doll blog and Token Black Girls. More information on Jackie Ormes can be found in the 2008 Paper Doll Convention blog.

11. The 2008 Paper Doll Convention Blog also has a work by Peggy Jo Rosamond who was a wonderful paper doll artist (I own three of her books and wish I owned more) did The Lady of Sudan Goes to Paris which is a paper doll of an antique doll.

12. Another newspaper paper doll, Siberia appeared in the comic strip Brenda Starr, Reporter in 1942 as maid for the heiress Daphne Dimples, Brenda’s rival. Siberia had a boyfriend, Dusty Rose and both were shown in stylish clothing and accessories. I haven’t found a lot of Siberia paper dolls on the web, partly because I don’t think a lot were made. And newspaper paper dolls were rarely kept. Both of these Siberia paper dolls are from Paper Collector.

13. 19th Century Paper Dolls features the beautiful work of Boots whose complicated story line for the family from before, during and after the Civil War I can’t even begin to follow. However, her art is beautiful. She has one fully finished African American paper doll named Olivia whose available as a PDF to print and Sandy who isn’t yet a printable PDF.

14. Shannanigan on Deviant Art has Eloise a beautiful sexy witch paper doll. I love her art. Someday I hope to color my paper dolls with the same skill that she does hers (and hers are amazing). You can purchase her work on Paper Betties, her personal website.

25 More Paper Dolls from Deviant Art

paper_doll_around_the_webToday we have the sequel to last weeks, 25 Paper Dolls from Deviant Art. After I did the last one, I was sent a few other links by people and I started digging through Deviant Art once more. There is a lot of stuff on Deviant Art, but I had fun looking through it. Many of these artists have more paper dolls then this in their galleries, I just selected the one I liked the most to link. And just like last week, some of these are a not really meant for the kiddies. You have been warned.

1. Mermaid paper doll by ~ranunkel
2. Gothic Lolita Paper Doll WIP by ~steam-mouse
3. Marie Antoinette & Her Clothes by ~beriquito
4. Paper doll commission example by *ayeshauzmakhan
5. Miss Pinky paper doll by ~siyilin
6. Paper Doll by ~emeraldpanda
7. paper doll birthday postcard by ~feelgooodlost
8. Christmas Doll by ~Valky
9. Blythe paper doll by ~vampireintherain
10. +10-12-2010+ by ~BloodyPhoenix
11. Callista – dress up doll by ~Dedasaur
12. 100 Watchers Paperdoll Freebie by ~catiniata
13. Paper Doll by ~UnstableWings
14. Taylor Lautner by Mimi by ~MilkyName
15. edie sedgwick: paper-doll. by ~fish-popsicle
16. Mia – Paper Doll by =RomanticFae
17. PaperDoll by ~IvyHill
18. Jone Paper Doll – Regular & Jone Paper Dolls – Death kit by ~Heart-Bird
19. wha-? paper dolls?? by *Ronnie1996
20. paper doll by ~Svampkungen
21. Naruto Paperdoll by ~narcissusblossom
22. PAPERDOLL by ~fragilesandy
23. The King – Paperdoll by ~no-alternative
24. Paperdoll by ~artistscompany
25. Darcy Paperdoll by ~supersuper

Twenty-Five Paper Dolls from Deviant Art

paper_doll_around_the_webSo, this is the first of a set of posts I want to do high lighting other beautiful paper dolls out there, plus I don’t have a Pixie Paper Doll for today. Instead, I spent some time on Deviant Art and came up with this list of 25 different paper dolls, each from a different artist on Deviant Art. I get the feeling a lot of these are from various anime or things, that I am not familiar with. I choose what I came across in my searching that I liked or thought was unusual. While I think all of these paper dolls are neat, some are a little dark and some have a little nudity. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
1.Paper Dollby *twelveofdecember