Victorian Fashion Paper Dolls From 1830-1900

I love Victorian clothing. It is one of my favorite eras of fashion, in part because of the dramatic silhouette changes throughout the century. I haven’t drawn much Victorian stuff lately, but I should. It is a fun time period to explore. I really want to do some Victorian dresses for the Jewels and Gemstones, I’m just trying to decide which decade. I’m leaning towards the 1870s, though they don’t have the best pose for the era.

I am working with ta client on a Victorian gentleman paper doll and it’s been great fun. It made me think about all my Victorian paper dolls and how I had never gathered them all up and put them in one place for folks. So, here they all are (as of today anyhow.)

Victorian Printable Paper Dolls: 1830 to 1910

For me, Tom Tierney’s historical paper dolls were, perhaps, the largest influence on my own fascinating with historical clothing. I learned so much from his paper dolls- both history and artistry. Collecting all these together has made me think about how long it has been since I’ve dabbled in all things Victorian. I should do some more in this time period.

Winter Fantasy Paper Dolls

As winter comes, I have been thinking a lot about winter fantasy paper dolls. From my steampunk arctic explorer paper doll set to my fantasy princesses with dresses trimmed in fur, it seemed fitting to celebrate winter fantasy paper dolls through the blog’s long history.

I haven’t done any winter fantasy pieces this year yet, so I clearly need to get on that before the winter ends. On the other hand, I live in the interior of Alaska, so the winter tends to last a long time- it starts in October and goes until March/April.

Winter Fantasy Paper Dolls to Print

Stay warm everyone as the cold comes rolling in. Let me know what your favorite elements of the winter season are. Are you a hot chocolate person? Do you love to ski? Personally, I like the crisp cold air and getting to eat lots of warming soup.

Autumn Paper Dolls

November is here! And I wanted to show off some of my autumn themed paper dolls from over the years. Up here in Alaska, it’s already below freezing and there’s snow, but I realize most of the rest of the country is still getting to enjoy autumn.

I’m trying to not be bitter about it.

Anyway, here’s 14 different paper dolls with autumn themed wardrobes or fantasy outfits from the site over the years. Malina was an early foray into short hair on paper dolls and Greta in Autumn reminds me I need to draw more paper dolls with glasses. Color, for me, is often what defines an autumn paper doll from a winter one, so you’ll see a lot of warm and jewel tones here.

Autumn Paper Dolls to Print

Archives Round Up: Paper Dolls In Regency Dress

First of all, I hereby forbid any debate about what to call the period between 1800 and 1820. It’s got many many names and I just don’t have the tolerance for the debate, y’all.

Anyway, I made 1820 my cut off date, though you could argue that the waistline progressively drops through that decade until it hits the natural waist about 1828-1830 and then the silhouette really changes.

But you know, that’s a level of nuance that I just decided I didn’t care that much about.

Women’s Regency Fashion in Paper Dolls

There’s two more Regency dresses I’ve created for the patrons over on Patreon and, of course, an extra paper doll outfit every Friday.

Archives Round Up: Post-Apocalyptic Fashion Paper Dolls

I think my interest in post-apocalyptic fashion/clothing really started with watching Tank Girl and Mad Max at an early age. There’s probably other B-movies from the 80’s and early 90’s with bombed out towns and questionable clothing choices, but those are the two I most solidly remember. I think Mad Max: Fury Road is a much better movie, by the way, than either of those, but those are the ones I recall from my youth.

I was not a youth when Mad Max: Fury Road came out.

Post-Apocalyptic Fashion Paper Dolls

I have drawn post-apocalyptic clothing for the Jewels and Gemstones, but it’s a Patreon exclusive. As always, there’s an additional Jewels and Gemstones outfit today over there as well.

Archives Collection: The 1920s Children’s Clothing Collection

One of my favorite projects I did over the years for the blog, was this collection of 1920s children’s clothing I drew for the Poppet paper dolls. I love 1920s clothing and I especially love 1920s children’s clothing.

So in 2017, I drew a whole wardrobe of 1920s outfits for the Poppet’s paper dolls. I thought it would be fun to gather them all up and share them here in a single collection which I’d never done before.

The 1920s Children’s Clothing Printable Paper Dolls

I still love 1920s children’s clothing, but drawing 13 pieces of it over a year did probably get that urge out of my system for a while. I did enjoy the simplicity of just picking up a book and drawing from a reference image which is sometimes very soothing for me. I should do more of that. And the 1920s are nice, because the silhouette is really pretty simple. It’s not like drawing the 18th century or something.

And if you wanted a new stuff for the Jewel and Gemstones today, join us on Patreon.

Archives Dive: Alice in Wonderland

I’ve been drawing versions of Alice in Wonderland I think forever. Some of these long predate the blog, including one from college. I’ve always loved that novel.

Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

Ocassionally, I think about going back to Alice, but then I think- I’ve done so many variations. One the other hand, I’ve also drawn a lot of mermaids and I don’t feel weird going back to that theme.

What do you think? Should I draw more versions of Alice?

And don’t forget, if you want even more paper dolls, check out Patreon.

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