A Long Ruffled Tunic, Peddle-Pushers & Shorts

A ruffled tunic inspired by the Spring 2019 fashion trends for the Jewels and Gemstones curvy paper dolls series. Also, shorts and cropped pants.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
I really love how clothing changes with the seasons. Maybe, because I grew up in Alaska where there were really only two seasons- rain and icy rain. But then I moved to the midwest and there were four seasons and I was quite happy to discover fall and spring.

Now I live in the South where, I confess, there really are once again two seasons- chilly and so hot you want to die. There’s a short period between these that is relatively pleasant, but this spring has been brutally hot.

So, I try to pick up the big fashion magazine issues in March and September, which tend to be thick with forecasts on what is coming down the pike in the fashion world. Not coincidentally, this lines up with Fashion Week in New York.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
The color comes from the Pantone 2019 Spring Color trend report which predicts the popular colors each year in home goods and fashion. One of the trends that is very popular at the moment is ruffles, so that was part of my inspiration here. I added in some shorts and white peddle pushers, because I was also thinking about paper doll wardrobe building and those are such great basic pieces.

Specific Source Images: I used Instyle March 2019 issue– their big Spring Fashion report.  Often when I draw, I like to get away from screens.

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Last Thoughts
I have fun drawing all sorts of things, but I try to mix it up. I know my favorite paper dolls as a child were historical or fantasy, but I like drawing contemporary fashion. It feels real and meaningful for paper dolls to be reflective of their time-period. Plus, not all my readers are me.

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What’s your favorite style of paper doll? Let me know in a comment. I’m super curious.

Tropical Mini-Dresses

A pair of mini-sundresses with ruffles inspired by the Trends of 2019 for volume and ruffles. One is printed with a tropical print and the other is high necked and two layers. Both can be printed for the Jewels and Gemstones paper doll series. There is a matching purse as well.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
It seemed long past time that I created some summer time casual clothing for the Jewels & Gemstones, since summer is fast approaching. It’s already May after all.

Every March and September the fashion magazines usually report on the Spring and Fall New York Fashion weeks which means those magazines are the big fashion issues for the year. This is getting less and less true with the internet, but I still like to pick up magazines in those months.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
My fashion magazines tell me that Tropical prints are still in style this next year and volume seems to be a real trend as well, so I designed these two dresses. The color scheme comes from the Pantone 2019 Spring Color trend report.

Specific Source Images: Nothing I can link to this time, because I used Instyle March 2019 issue, which is their big Spring Fashion report.  Sometimes I like doing paper research.

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Last Thoughts
While I love drawing fantasy things and that tends to be my usual style, I also really enjoy taking breaks for forays into contemporary style. My favorite paper dolls as a child were historical ones and that’s also a favorite style, but it usually requires research and sometimes I just want to draw.

This is actually the first of several pieces I have drawn that are summer contemporary fashions. Some of those sets are going to be for Patrons and some will show up here.

So, are you happy for summer fashion? I personally am more of a fall person, but that’s just me. Let me know in a comment.

Starlight Leggings: Space Princess

Futuristic space princess paper doll outfit in pinks and purples. Free to print in color or black and white.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
As I explained last week, I occasionally let my Patrons help me pick out my paper doll themes and I was both pleased and surprised when Space Princess won the poll I had put together. So, every Tuesday for the rest of the month, there will be a space princess post.

If you’d like some say in what I create hop over to Patreon and join us by donating. You get access to polls, and at two dollars a month, there’s extra paper doll outfits and you get to help support Paper Thin Personas.

Mostly when I think of Space Princesses I think of futuristic gowns, but I don’t think even Space Princesses want to wear gowns all the time. So, I wanted to create a non-gown based outfit for her.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Before I start a collection like this, I tend to gather up inspirational images on Pinterest. Occasionally in that process I’ll find a single image that I really adore. In this case, it was this dress from Pedro Lourenço Spring 2011 collection. I don’t really know how these sleeves actually stay on, but I love it.

Specific Source Images: This dress from Pedro Lourenco’s Spring 2011 Collection

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Last Thoughts

If you are a patron, you might remember that on Friday I posted this bodysuit and jacket it can mix and match with today’s outfit perfectly. In fact, all of the Space Princess pieces have a shared color scheme for increased options when mixing and matching.

If you missed last week post, that was Jade as the Space Princess herself. Also, next Tuesday there will be another Space Princess piece.

Are you enjoying this Space Princess collection? Let me know in a comment. I love to get your feedback.

Archives Delve: Two Dozen Fun Mermaid Printable Paper Dolls from the Archives

So, there’s this thing on the social medias (see, you can tell I’m super social media savvy by how I talk about it) where people say that May is “Mer-May” and they draw and celebrate mermaids, for I suspect, no reason except that mer-May sounds cool.

There maybe a nuance to this whole thing I am missing? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I thought it was a great excuse to collect up a bunch of the different mermaid paper dolls I’ve done over the years and share them here. I don’t think all of my work is super kid friendly, but when I draw mermaids I’m nearly always thinking about kids. I loved mermaids as a child. So, I think of these as all being mermaid printables for kids, where as some of my like- post-apocalyptic stuff is maybe less kid friendly.

Some of these are designed to be magnetic paper dolls and you can print them on magnetic paper. They are super addicting to play with (if you like dress up games and such- if you don’t like dress up than um… I don’t know if this is really the blog for you.)

24 Mermaid Printables for Kids

Hopefully, I will get more mermaids drawn this month. I have a few sketched, but I haven’t gotten them inked or scanned or even close to completion. So, stay tuned for that update and, as always, if you’re curious what I’m up too than you can follow me on the social medias for more in-progress images.

1955 Summer Dress With Hat and Purse

A lovely Mid-1950s Summer Dress with hat. The dress is from Vogue in 1955. The hat is from Montgomery Ward in 1950. The purse is from Sears.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
There’s a few silhouettes one tends to associate with retro 50s fashion. There’s the tight waisted, full skirt look (like this) or the narrow fitted suit look (like this). There’s also a few variations on this and one of those variation is the dropwaist version of the full skirted look.

A dropwaist is when the waist (aka seam where the bodice meets the skirt) is lower than the natural waist on a person. A highwaist is when the waist is raised above the natural waist, but below the bust. An empire waist is when the waist of a dress is located right under the bust.

More than you maybe wanted to know about fashion terminology. I digress.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Summer is coming rapidly to Alabama. I love the Fall in Alabama and I like the Winter. I could leave the Summer without any sense of guilt at all. It’s hot and humid and my allergies are exploding. Ugh!

Anyway, I always think women in retro spring fashion ads look so wonderfully cool and calm and it probably sucked living in Alabama in the 1950s when air conditioning was rare and petticoats were common. None the less, I loved the concept if not the reality.

Specific Source Images: Vogue 8596, Montgomery Ward Spring/Summer 1950 hats pages and Sears (I used Everyday Fashions of the Fifties As Pictured in Sears Catalogs)

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Last Thoughts
I’ve done two more 1950’s paper doll dresses and shared them with my Patrons. They are a 1950s suit and 1950s day dress. Join Us on Patreon if you’d like to support the blog (and get more paper doll content!)

Also, if you’re thinking- Well, I wish I had a 1950s paper doll to wear this stylin’ 1950s dress, I’ve made a version of the ever delightful Sapphire in 1950’s underwear. So, you can print her, but, as always, this dress will fit any of the Jewels & Gemstones paper dolls. Retro 50s fashion is so popular right now.

Lady in the Castle Fantasy Gown

A colorful printable paper doll dress inspired by the medieval period and you can print it in color or in black and white for coloring.

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Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
I am really bad at coming up with names for these paper doll outfits. I really had no idea what to call this one. I think sometimes I shouldn’t name them at all, but I missed giving them names when I was not naming things. Now I am naming things and that’s giving me fits.

What’s the old saying? The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

Anyway, I digress.

I suppose I could have called this- Vaguely Medieval Fantasy Creation, but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue, does it?

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
I wanted to draw a medieval feeling gown without having to be historically accurate in anyway. So, I created this.

Specific Source Images: This surcoat from Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe and this photograph of some character from the show Merlin. (Confession, I watched one season of Merlin and was not a big fan.)

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Around the Internet: Faerie Queen Costuming, Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe and Armstreet are all fun places to see similar designs.

Last Thoughts
If you are a patron hop over to Patreon where there is a second pink and green color scheme for today’s paper doll dress. It was super fun to color. If you’re not a patron, consider joining.

I’m traveling a bit this week (last trip for a few weeks, thank goodness!) So, I maybe a little slow on responding to comments/approving them. I need to get my spam filtering stuff set back up. That’s a goal for May.

Meet Diamond, a New Asian Paper Doll with Practical Fantasy Armor

An Asian paper doll with practical fantasy armor and weapons for slaying/riding dragons or generally just having a good time. Print her in color or as a coloring page. Great rainy day activity.

Black and White PDF | Color PDF | More Jewels & Gemstones Paper Dolls

Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
This Diamond, a new Asian paper doll for the Jewels and Gemstones family. I really wanted to draw a paper doll with some practical fantasy armor for slaying/riding dragons or making friends with them I suppose.

I just recently divided the Jewels and Gemstones into two subsections- one for dolls and one for clothing. I figure sometimes people want a doll and sometimes people want clothing (though all the dolls have clothing, so arguably my taxonomy isn’t perfect.)

But then, what is?

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
I keep a running list of themes I want to be sure to draw for any new series and “practical fantasy armor” is always on the list. While I love my pulpy fantasy armor (and I always will), I also think it is important to draw armor that might actually protect someone in a fight. Not that I recommend testing it.

Specific Source Images: This illustration and this Illustration, both from Pinterest

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Around the Internet: I collect drawings of Fantasy Armor on my Pinterest board. See also, Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor and Bikini Armor Battle Damage from Tumblr.

Last Thoughts
Not to start a battle over the best armor, but which do you prefer? Practical armor or pulpy armor? I’m evenly divided on the topic. Meanwhile, do you have a favorite source of armor illustration that I missed? I’d love to see it.

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Also, am I the only one who thinks Daimond’s hair here could also stand in for a punk look? I really should draw some punk clothing for the Jewels & Gemstones. I haven’t yet.

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