Ruched and Ruffled: A Patreon Princess Gown

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I love drawing ruching, but really this dress just isn’t that complex. The color scheme with the rainbow skirts makes it feel more elaborate than it actually is and I really like that

Inspiration for Today’s Paper

I really love designing these over the top princess gowns and this one started as a doodle I drew on my phone. I wanted something that felt like a jumper, but was a bit more formal than that. You know, an evening jumper.

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Last Thoughts on Today’s Princess Fantasy Paper Doll

My patrons get a Friday patreon paper doll and I am excited to share a few of these pieces this year. If you want to see more, get more paper dolls, join us on Patreon.

Not exactly sure what will go up next week, but I’ll no doubt make some decisions as I start scheduling those posts.

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    1. I don’t have any steampunk things immediately in the works for the blog, but I am working on a steampunk project on the side. Stay tuned!

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