Archives Dive: Alice in Wonderland

I’ve been drawing versions of Alice in Wonderland I think forever. Some of these long predate the blog, including one from college. I’ve always loved that novel.

Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls

Ocassionally, I think about going back to Alice, but then I think- I’ve done so many variations. One the other hand, I’ve also drawn a lot of mermaids and I don’t feel weird going back to that theme.

What do you think? Should I draw more versions of Alice?

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  1. I’d love to see a take on Alice in Wonderland that was set in a different genre or place, like steampunk or science fiction, maybe in outer space or underwater, even.

  2. I want to see Alice in Wonderland series. Great will be to see Alice behind second side of mirror. Fantasy armor dress Alice, steampunk Alice in wonderland. That will be great. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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