Starlight Leggings: Space Princess

Futuristic space princess paper doll outfit in pinks and purples. Free to print in color or black and white.

Black and White PDF | Color PDF | More Jewels & Gemstones Paper Dolls

Thoughts on Today’s Paper Doll
As I explained last week, I occasionally let my Patrons help me pick out my paper doll themes and I was both pleased and surprised when Space Princess won the poll I had put together. So, every Tuesday for the rest of the month, there will be a space princess post.

If you’d like some say in what I create hop over to Patreon and join us by donating. You get access to polls, and at two dollars a month, there’s extra paper doll outfits and you get to help support Paper Thin Personas.

Mostly when I think of Space Princesses I think of futuristic gowns, but I don’t think even Space Princesses want to wear gowns all the time. So, I wanted to create a non-gown based outfit for her.

Inspiration for Today’s Paper Doll
Before I start a collection like this, I tend to gather up inspirational images on Pinterest. Occasionally in that process I’ll find a single image that I really adore. In this case, it was this dress from Pedro Lourenço Spring 2011 collection. I don’t really know how these sleeves actually stay on, but I love it.

Specific Source Images: This dress from Pedro Lourenco’s Spring 2011 Collection

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Last Thoughts

If you are a patron, you might remember that on Friday I posted this bodysuit and jacket it can mix and match with today’s outfit perfectly. In fact, all of the Space Princess pieces have a shared color scheme for increased options when mixing and matching.

If you missed last week post, that was Jade as the Space Princess herself. Also, next Tuesday there will be another Space Princess piece.

Are you enjoying this Space Princess collection? Let me know in a comment. I love to get your feedback.

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