Archives Delve: Two Dozen Fun Mermaid Printable Paper Dolls from the Archives

So, there’s this thing on the social medias (see, you can tell I’m super social media savvy by how I talk about it) where people say that May is “Mer-May” and they draw and celebrate mermaids, for I suspect, no reason except that mer-May sounds cool.

There maybe a nuance to this whole thing I am missing? I’m not sure.

Anyway, I thought it was a great excuse to collect up a bunch of the different mermaid paper dolls I’ve done over the years and share them here. I don’t think all of my work is super kid friendly, but when I draw mermaids I’m nearly always thinking about kids. I loved mermaids as a child. So, I think of these as all being mermaid printables for kids, where as some of my like- post-apocalyptic stuff is maybe less kid friendly.

Some of these are designed to be magnetic paper dolls and you can print them on magnetic paper. They are super addicting to play with (if you like dress up games and such- if you don’t like dress up than um… I don’t know if this is really the blog for you.)

24 Mermaid Printables for Kids

Hopefully, I will get more mermaids drawn this month. I have a few sketched, but I haven’t gotten them inked or scanned or even close to completion. So, stay tuned for that update and, as always, if you’re curious what I’m up too than you can follow me on the social medias for more in-progress images.

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