I’m Doing #The100DayProject

Prepping for the 100 Day Project!

I could not be more excited to say that I am going to tackle the 100 Day Project this year! I’m going to try super hard not to cheat and create a bunch at once, unless I absolutely have to. I will be doing some travel, so some of that maybe necessary.

What is the 100 Day Project? Well, I’m glad you asked! It’s basically a challenge born on Instagram to pick a project and then do it for 100 days.

A best friend is doing 100 days of 100 words a day. I’m doing 100 days of paper doll clothing. No full outfits mind you, but like a shirt, or shoes, or dress or something. I suppose if I need to do something super quick, I could even do a necklace. But the idea is to do 100 days of different paper doll pieces.

And what is the prize? Well…. nothing. I just get to say I did.

The paper doll I’ll be drawing for is from my Etsy store. I’ve been meaning to create more clothing for those dolls for weeks/months and I am WAY behind. So, I thought- Well, this is a great chance. I know I need about 8 to 10 pieces to make up a page, so I can try to get 10 or more pages done.

If you want to follow along as I do my drawing, then follow me on Instagram. I’ll be posting there. I will try to remember to also post to Facebook and Twitter, but I’m not 100% reliable about that.

Tomorrow I’ll share my first piece on Instagram! Come say Hi! I could use the moral support.


  1. Hi! I follow your art work here and in Instagram. I have a blog about paper dolls(https://ootc-paperdollsproject.blogspot.com/) and an Instagram to. My goal is to draw more paper dolls. I followed the Inktober paper dolls challenge suggested by Miss Missy paper dolls Last year ( you can see them on my blog and Instagram) Can I join in this #The100DayProject challenge ? What it requires? there is a list of themes? 🙂 (I apologize for my english, I’m trying my best…)

    1. You are welcome to join in! The more the merrier! The only rule (and it is more of a suggestion, really) is to tag your posts on Instagram with the hashtags #the100dayproject and #100daysofpaperdolls. The challenge officially began April 2nd (https://www.the100dayproject.org/), but I’d just join in if you want to. I’m drawing one piece of paper doll clothing a day, but I know Julie and Elizabeth have both drawn dolls, too. Also, your English is quite good!

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