Archives Delve: Astronaut Dolls To Print & Play With

Since I enjoy creating strange space related things, here’s all the astronaut paper dolls I’ve done from 2009-2018. Most of them are totally impractical, but still a lot of fun. They’re all ladies, because girls need to know they can be astronauts, too!

My first ever astronaut paper doll (Emily) was created, because I got an email from a little girl asking for an astronaut paper doll, because she as going to be an astronaut one day. Well, that was incentive enough. Also, she is my only paper doll to ever have a graphing calculator as an accessory.

I had hoped to get the first of the 2019 Paper Doll Collaboration done today, but frankly life got in the way of that. So, I should have that to share the 31st.

Astronaut Dolls To Print & Dress Up

Clearly my astronaut instincts tend towards the sci-fi fantasy type much more than the actual practical type. However, I think that just makes sense, because space princesses are winning my current Patreon poll. So, I obviously need to dust off my Retro Sci-Fi Pinterest board and get sketching.

Meanwhile, there’s another fantastic winter fashion set on Patreon for all my Patrons. Their support makes the blog possible and they get cool extra paper dolls.

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