Paper Doll Collaboration December 2018 Ugly Holiday Sweaters!

A black and white paper doll coloring page of a Hanukkah sweater, pants and shoes from
Black and White Paper Doll PDF Paper Doll Collaboration 2018

This month’s collaborative theme was Ugly Sweaters of the holiday theme. I, being Jewish, settled on an ugly Hanukkah sweater. I chose this design, but I confess I’m not sure the menorah is obviously a menorah. None the less, I had a good time designing it.

This is the last Collab paper doll for 2018! And on Monday the 31st, there will be a new paper doll series debuting. I couldn’t be more excited (and nervous) about that.

As usual, Paper Doll School and Miss Missy Paper Dolls also have Collaborative Paper Doll Project posts up and I can’t wait to see their ugly holiday sweaters. I love sweaters, though I don’t own any holiday sweaters.

Next year, there will be another paper doll collab project. I’ll share details just as soon as me and my cohorts make some final decisions.

Need a paper doll to wear these clothes? Grab her and more clothing here.

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