Two New Alice Paper Dolls- A Brunette and Redhead

A pair of printable paper dolls. The paper doll on the left is brunette with green eyes and fair skin. The paper doll on the right is a redhead with brown eyes and fair skin. Both paper dolls can share clothing with any of the A pose paper dolls.

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Because the first Alice was a blue eyed blond, I decided it made sense to make a green eyed brunette and a brown eyed red-head made sense for my next two Alice paper dolls. There’s also 18th century Alice, but she’s a bit unique, because she can’t share clothing with all of the other paper dolls. So, I’m not sure if I can count her, really.

The whole point of this “double-set” thing was to try to expand the number of dolls available quickly, so people would have variety. But I also have to remind myself that I can’t compare the Dames and Dandies to my other series. It’s only been around for nine months after all and things like Marisole Monday ran for years.

Instead, I am trying to think- If I could “start over” knowing now what I didn’t know when I began this blog all those years ago, what would I do? And I am trying to be smarter than I was the first time.

I like to think I am older, if not wiser than I was.

So, anyway, that means that this week will be all double-sets. So, we’ll have 2 A pose and 1 B pose. I know the C pose is being neglected and I do feel bad for the guys, but I can’t fit two of those dolls on a single sheet as far as I can tell. So, they’re going to have to wait, but fear not- I have a steampunk version, a fantasy version and an elf all in progress for them, but until then- enjoy the A pose dames and their shoes.

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Need a clothing for today‚Äôs paper dolls? All the A Pose Dolls & Clothing

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  1. Just had to comment on the excellent Dandies guy outfits you’ve done. Love, love them! I feel sorry for guys because they don’t have nearly the choices that we gals do when it comes to clothing. So you’ve created some very interesting fashions (historical and modern) for guys that go way beyond what I’ve seen others do. Thanks for sharing your super artwork!

    1. Thank you! The Dandies will be getting some love soon. Poor neglected guys. I agree that men’s fashion just isn’t as interesting to me as women’s fashion, but I also think that’s partly because I’ve never thought I was as good at drawing men as I was at drawing women. Still, I won’t get better if I don’t practice.

    1. The style of the thumbnails means that overlapping will happen. I try to strike a balance between showing the pieces in color and black and white equally, also trying to display different details as I think they are important. Faces, for example, I think are really important to be seen in both. The collage is a way of making sure people know there’s both a black and white and a color version of each design available, plus I think it looks nice. There is never overlapping on the PDF images which are intended for printing.

    1. Yes, I very much didn’t want to do red/green. I have no idea if red hair and green eyes are statistically more common than some other combination, but I do think it is a bit over done.

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