WIP Week: B Pose Sketchbook Images

Top Image: Sci-fi Mix and Match, Fantasy Warrior. Bottom Image: Fantasy gown, 1945 Sundress and Sci-fi Mix and Match

There’s still a bit of a learning curve going on with the Dames and Dandies paper dolls. I’m still trying to sort out how many pieces I need to “make” a post and what works best for each pose. Pose B, for example, is better for showing off shoes and trouser details. Pose A, for example, I think is more historical feeling. Pose C is my only guy.

The first image is a sci-fi mix and match set. I settled on six pieces for the set. With two bottoms, three tops and one pair of shoes, there’s at least six different outfit combinations. I hope this feels like enough when I get to the layout stage.

Next there is a set of armor over a gown. I originally planned this design for the Sprites, but I never posted it or finished it for that matter. So, I redesigned it for the B Pose Dames. I might re-design the guy version for the Dandies, but I wasn’t as in love with it.

The second image is more of the sci-fi set. Then there’s a classic medieval inspired fantasy gown and a 1945 sundress. I designed a 1940s Beatrix version and I decided I needed at least two dresses to make a post and I needed an extra one. So, this fixes that set.

So, of all of these, which is your favorite?


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