WIP Week: 18th Century Alice

I had a plan. It was a good plan. However, it involved finishing the paper dolls shown below and I was very close. Very close.

Until I realized this evening that I had not saved the files correctly and I would have to redo several hours of layout work. I realized I just wasn’t going to get that done tonight and had nothing to post.

A solution presented itself in the form of a suggestion from a  friend for “WIP week.” WIP stands for work-in-progress. This is my chance to share some WIP images from my computer and sketchbook. Plus, it’ll also give me a chance to “wip up” some backlog.

(Sorry, I love puns.)

Okay, so I’ve been working on these paper dolls with historical undergarments. This is Alice in some mid-18th century underwear. She’s wearing a chemise, stays, pocket, stockings and shoes. There’s also a set of hoops and three pairs of shoes.

One dress will be red in pleated and there maybe a second color scheme. I based this robe à la française on this gown from 1770. This dress is designed to fit over the doll and her hoops. It’s a very formal gown from 1770 and I had a lot of fun with the pleating.

I had thought about posting two versions of Alice, one with period underwear and one without, so she could wear jeans and such. In the end, I decided that I was just making my life “too complicated” and it made more sense just to post the period undies version. Of course, the 18th century gown will work on any of A pose paper dolls, but the Alice 18th century doll won’t be able to share all the A Pose clothing.

That might be more detail than you wanted to know. Wenesday there will be some photos from my sketchbook and on Friday I’ll share more progress images. Hopefully, this week will give me some time to get my backlog back in order and so we’ll be strong through the end of March and beyond.

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  1. I made a pair of 18th century stays for our visit to Colonial Williamsburg a few years ago. It was a fun project.
    I love that you made her with the period undergarments so much!

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