The Poppets’ Purple Princess Dress & Headdress

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Burgundian Gowns,
Sorta Kinda

A purple princess paper doll dress with matching headdress from

A purple princess paper doll dress with matching headdress from

I’m a sucker for an over the top princess dress. Always have. Always will be. One of my favorite sticker paper dolls when I was a kid was called Storybook Princess.

You can still get it from Dover, should you like.

I bought it more than once and played with it for hours before the stickers would wear out and I would have to buy a new one.

My other favorite was a cat sticker paper doll that had outfits for each season. I don’t think they make it anymore.

I digress.

So, the whole idea with today’s princess paper doll dress was to have fun and draw something that I imagined a little girl would love.

The basic silhouette of the dress and the headdress are both Burgundian, but really… there’s nothing historically accurate in either. Last year, I did a snowflake Burgundian inspired fantasy Poppet gown which could definitely go with this one.

For my Patrons, there’s an different color scheme of today’s dress. Join if you’d like to see it and/or support the blog.

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