Víctor Gets Some Contemporary Clothing

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Skinny Jeans for Boys

Víctor, a Latino printable paper doll, and a set of contemporary clothing in color.

Víctor, a Latino printable paper doll, and a set of contemporary clothing in black and white for coloring.

So, you might be thinking, “Hey… Wait a second, this is Tuesday? What is going on?”

And you are right! It is Tuesday and I don’t usually publish a post on Tuesday, but I didn’t want to make people wait an extra day for Víctor here. He’s the companion to Yumiko’s sundress on Monday.

Víctor’s not gotten much paper doll love this year. He’s not had a new paper doll set since 2016 and that was when he was busy being the Mad Hatter. I tend to pick Sprites based on “which one haven’t I done in a while?” which isn’t the most scientific method, but there you go.

Designing contemporary men’s clothing can be very challenging for me. Since I work on a college campus, I try to notice what the students are wearing. Despite subscribing to several fashion magazines, nothing beats seeing fashion in the wild. One thing I have noticed lately is the skinny jeans are being worn by the guys as well as the ladies.

So, when I was deciding what I wanted to create modern paper doll fashions for Víctor, my Latino Sprite gent, I knew I wanted to include skinny jeans. I’ve also noticed that colored jeans are being worn by guys, though mostly just greys and browns.

I did see purple ones for sale, but I suspect purple jeans for college boys are an outlier.

I chose the grey and yellow color scheme as a companion for Yumiko’s purple and yellow dress. I wanted it to coordinate, but not really match.

The rest of the week will post as normal.

Looking for something else for today’s Sprite paper doll to wear? Pick out some clothing here.

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