Mini-Maiden’s Might be Pirates in Today’s Set of Paper Doll Clothes for Coloring

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This Amazing Leather Bodice

I don’t really know what is going on with today’s printable paper doll clothes for the Mini-Maidens. Is she a pirate? Is she a warrior? Is she just someone who super adores thigh high boots?

The possibilities are truly endless. Endless I tell you!

This incredible leather bodice with cut outs inspired this whole outfit. The moment I saw it I knew I wanted to draw it. Beyond that, I wanted to do something different with the boots.

I draw a lot of boots, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever done a strap pattern like this before. Because I didn’t want the bodice to overshadow the boots, I treated the straps as almost jewelry. That’s why they got the elaborate studding detail and the fancy clasps on them.

This outfit came out beautifully, I think. I still don’t know if she’s a pirate or something else, but I want to find out. (Also I think she can kick my butt.)

So, let me know in a comment what you think of today’s paper doll clothing to color. It’s one of my favorite sets.

Meanwhile, if you need more boots and leggings for the Mini-Maidens than pop over here  or here or here. Also, this set works, too.

Man, I do have a fondness for leggings and boots. I never noticed how many I have drawn.

Need a Mini-Maiden paper doll to wear today’s outfit? Pick a Mini-Maiden Paper Doll Here.


  1. I think if I were still a librarian I would totally wear that to work. (Without the dagger, though. Wouldn’t want to break rules.) Paradigm shift! It would be fun.

    No really, it is a great outfit. Fabulous detail

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