A Mini-Maiden Fantasy Gown Inspired by Hanfu

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Fantasy versions of Hanfu Gowns like this one, this one and this one
A fantasy paper doll gown influenced by hanfu and the Tang Dynasty in China. A paper doll dress to print and color.
On Monday, I posted a Lord of the Rings Marisole Monday paper doll gown which was a very European fantasy look. It was, after all, based on English and French fashions form the Medieval era. Today’s Mini-Maiden paper doll gown was inspired by Chinese historical clothing.

The hanfu, specifically. There’s something about these gowns like this one and this one that I just think are so elegant. I realize they aren’t exactly historically accurate, but I think they are still beautiful.

And lord knows, I’ve never been one to let a lack of historical accuracy stop me.

I think this would be a fun dress to color and I might even add some pattern to the long outer robe, if I were to color it, I think.

Most of my inspiration for today’s paper doll gown comes from Pinterest. Gowns like this onethis one and this one from my Fantasy Clothing Pinterest board. More examples would be this dress and this dress.

Personally, I love wandering around, metaphorically speaking, on Pinterest. I always see things and I think, “Huh. I want to draw that.”

Love this dress? Hate it? Let me know in a comment. I always love to hear from you all.

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