A Vintage Historical Printable Paper Doll Dress from 1926

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: The book 1920s Fashions from B. Altman & Company
A historical vintage 1926 printable paper doll dress with matching hat for the Poppets printable paper doll series from paperthinpersonas.com.

A historical vintage 1926 printable paper doll dress to color with matching hat for the Poppets printable paper doll series from paperthinpersonas.com.

This month, as some of you may have noticed, I’ve been posting a historical paper doll outfit each week. I decided to do that, because I had the content and I really love historical stuff.

I know a lot of you enjoy the historical paper dolls as well.

This week’s contribution to the historical paper dolls is a Poppets paper doll dress from 1926. It’s part of the 1920’s Children’s Wardrobe Collection that I’ve been adding to all year. Right now, there’s seven posts in the collection including two different dolls.

The design for today’s Poppet paper doll dress was taken from the book 1920s Fashions from B. Altman & Company which is a collection of reprints of pages for the catalogs issued by the B. Altman & Company.

B. Altman and Company was a luxury department store founded in New York City.

An interesting thing to think about is that Sears, the dress I posted here is from there, was a middle class store. B. Altman was a luxury store and their styles are much more cutting edge than Sears. That’s one of the reasons multiple sources are so useful when thinking about historical fashion.

Today’s dress feels later in the decade to me than 1926, but that’s partly because it is more “fashionable” than what you might see in a less fancy catalog.

There’s one more piece I’ve got finished for the 1920s Children’s Wardrobe collection and I have to ask, should I continue it? Are you all enjoying these forays into 1920s kid’s clothing? Let me know in a comment. I always enjoy your feedback.

Need a paper doll to wear today’s outfit? Pick a Poppet Paper Doll Here.

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  1. I’m enjoying the kids’ clothing, which is a surprise to me. (usually more of a women’s fashions fan). And that hat today…what a great hat!

    Our community is doing Dickens on the Delaware in a couple months, and I’ll probably rummage through your mid-19C pieces for inspiration. I need a costume, then need to sew fast. (Probably a working-class women’s outfit. Easier.)

  2. I love the 1920’s children’s fashion almost as much as I love the fantasy Poppets clothing and characters.

    Could you do historical children’s pajamas, please? Or just plain pajamas, little girl pajamas are adorable.

    1. Dolls, not characters, sorry. I’ve been reading too much (and not doing homework), and I guess my hobbies are blending together.

  3. I for one love your historical children forays. The major publishers of PDs tend to emphasize adult women images, so you are doing a real service. (I also love your fantasy PDs, your steampunk, and your other historical costumes, so it is possible that I’m simply biased towards whatever you find interesting. (smile))

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