Summer Time Sun Dresses for Marisole Monday & Friends

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Sun Dresses
A pair of paper doll sundresses to print, cut out and dress up a printable paper doll in. The dress on the left is warm grey with a teal and pink pattern. The dress on the right is pale pink. There is a coordinating purse as well.

A pair of paper doll sundresses to print, cut out and dress up a printable paper doll in.

Personally, when it comes to sundresses, I am strictly a maxidress kinda girl. However, paper dolls get to wear anything I feel like, so we have a mix of two sun dresses today for Marisole Monday and her Lady Friends. These dresses will not fit the gents, I’m afraid.

I have been neglecting the gents of the Marisole series as of late. I should really do something for them soon.

Until then, I created these dresses for Marisole. They are both based on lightweight knit t-shirt sorts of dresses I have been seeing in the stores and in the magazines I read. I am very proud of the pattern on the warm grey dress, but not completely happy with the purse. It feels too structured for the dresses, but too late for it to change now.

I confess that until school starts, I tend to not get a feel for what students are wearing. I work at a college, so when the classes are in session, I feel like I get a good feel for what college students seem to be into these days.

(At least, college students at a small college in the South, which is a pretty limited sample size.)

As always, I love to hear what y’all think in the comments.

Oh, and I hope people take 15 minutes out of their day to go see the eclipse today! I’ve got my glasses thanks to my Mom and am ready for the event.

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