The Poppet’s Printable Paper Dolls New Dress from 1923

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Children’s Fashions 1900-1950 As Pictured in Sears Catalogs
A 1920s doll dress from Sears catalog designed to fit the Poppet's printable paper doll series. The drop waisted blue dress with white medalions around the skirt that feature flowers in the center. The dress has a dark blue sash and white collars and cuffs. White shoes with knee high socks complete the outfit.

A 1960s inspired vintage paper doll outfit with a jumper over tights. The jumper is over a puffed sleeved blouse. The jumper is trimmed in piping and the shoes have cross cross straps. Sized to fit the Poppet paper doll series.

First up, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words on Monday. I meant a lot to me to hear from you.

So, I promised myself that the next batch of 1920s clothing for the Poppets paper dolls, I would make sure to note where each dress came from. Today’s 1920s doll dress is from a 1923 Sears catalog. Children’s Fashions 1900-1950 As Pictured in Sears Catalogs provided the reference image for today’s 1923 paper doll dress.

Sadly, the Children’s Fashions book is out of print. I wish there were more good reference works on children’s historical clothing, but that’s a different problem.

The original 1920s dress illustration was in black and white, as most of the illustrations in catalogs were in those days. The description just says a crepe dress which really doesn’t mean much.

I decided on a monochromatic blue color scheme, because I wanted to do something a little unexpected. I tend towards traditional when I think of flowers, but I love how this came out.

Meanwhile, you can see all the other 1920s Children’s Wardrobe Collection dresses and see what else your 1920s Poppet needs. I just bought a new book on the 1920s, Montgomery Ward Fashions of the Twenties, so there will no doubt be more of this series as I look through that one for inspiration.

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