Summer Time Paper Doll Fashions for Ms. Mannequin

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Spring and Summer Fashions
Summer paper doll clothes from A dress, tank and a pair of shorts.

Summer paper doll clothes from A dress, tank and a pair of shorts.

I’ve been wanting for a while to take the Ms. Mannequin printable paper dolls back to their roots a little. So today’s post is contemporary spring and summer fashions. Contemporary fashion was what I originally designed them to be all about. Personally, I think today’s summer paper doll clothes are what a fashionable girl might wear to a picnic.

A super fashionable picnic- the kind with champagne and tiny sandwiches. I have never been to one of these.

I really wanted to play around with pastels this time and embrace soft smoky colors. I was particularly excited with how the blue dress came out. It really reminds me of blue linen, though I have no idea why.

Perhaps I am fantasizing about linen, because summer has finally come to Alabama. After a blessedly cold spring, we are now hitting the heat and humidity we’re known for. I very much dislike the summer in the South.

I think I would dislike it less if my office weren’t always freezing. Books like 65 degrees and 40% humidity. People are not so keen on those temps, so I wear a cardigan to work every day and swelter in the jaunt from my car to the office.

Still, it is more important that my collection is happy than it is that I am happy. I will suffer for my historical papers, as any good Special Collections librarian should. (This is also why I once draped by coat over a book in a sudden unexpected snowfall to protect it and froze walking back across campus.)

And now that I have managed to fill today’s post with complaining about the weather, which is basically the sport that rivals college football in Alabama, I would love to know what you think of today’s summer paper doll clothes. Leave me a comment ad let me know.

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