Marisole Monday & Friends: A New Romantics Paper Doll & Her Outfit

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: A Patron Request for New Romantic Fashions
A paper doll celebrating the early 1980s New Romantics music and fashion movement from

Paper doll post-apocalyptic fashion with boots, stockings and a sweater for the Marisole Monday and Friends printable paper doll series from

One of my patrons asked me last year for some New Romantics paper dolls and I was stumped a little.

First of all, the New Romantics music and fashion movement was born in London and I’m not from there. Secondly, it’s actually tough to research fashion from the 1980s. It just hasn’t been long enough for there to be a lot of scholarly work on the subject.

So, nearly two years passed while I tried to figure out what I was doing.

But now I am pleased to present the first of two New Romantics paper dolls.

The second piece of this set is a set of clothing for the guys of the Marisole Monday and friend’s family.

For those you who, like me, aren’t an expert on these things, the New Romantics or New Romanticism was a movement in the early 1980s. Music wise think David Bowie, Adam Ant and Visage. There’s a decent article about the while thing from the Guardian.

Fashion wise, think poet shirts for men and lots of lace for women. Exotic makeup was also a big trend and wild hair. In fact, I don’t think the makeup I did here was nearly wild enough, but I did the best I could given some of the limitations of pen and ink.

Okay, so I know some of my readers lived through this era (and I did, technically, but I was very very little), how did I do? Let me know in a comment!

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  1. Lovely! My hair was much “bigger” and spikier and I wore a lot more lace! However, a lovely doll – thank you!

    1. Yeah, lace is hard to draw in pen and ink. I kinda regret not going lace for the tights, but… well, there’s always next time.

      Tomorrow, there will be a guy’s outfit and I think it came out a bit better.

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