Ms. Mannequinn’s Paper Doll Dresses for Spring or Summer

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Summer Dresses
Two summer dresses for paper dolls, free to print and play with from

A paper doll prom dress with a cropped top and full floral skirt. Free to print from

A pair of super cute summer dresses for the Ms. Mannequin series paper dolls. I really wish I could sit here and wax philosophical about this set. I could talk about inspiration and such…

However, the truth is that I just decided that I wanted to draw a pair of spring/summer dresses. The blue dress is sorta meant to be chambray which is a fabric that looks like denim, but is really light weight. (It’s great for sewing doll jeans, FYI.)

Along with the dresses, this set has two purses. I sorta thought the blue purse could go with the yellow dress and the pink purse with the blue dress, but I encourage you to pick your own favorite.

Being that I live in the Deep South, the weather has been already very hot and very humid, even though it is just May. So, I think I maybe breaking out my maxi dresses early this year. I’m not much of a short dress person, but part of the fun of paper dolls is that they get to have wardrobes that maybe I wouldn’t want to have.

I mean, I’m not exactly in the business of wearing dresses like this work every day. Unless, of course, my work was being an evil sorceress in which case… I would totally wear that dress.

I digress.

What do you think of these two dresses? Your style? I personally love the yellow one best, but what do you think?

Also, there’s a new set of paper doll clothing in the Etsy store. Super cute summery outfits in color or in black and white for coloring. Check them out here.

Need a paper doll to wear today’s outfit? Pick out a Ms. Mannequin Paper Doll Here


  1. Evil sorcerii get the best dresses.

    Though I really like the blue one, and would wear it myself if I were a bit younger.

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