An Elegant Fantasy Paper Doll Gown in White & Gold

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This gown from a movie entitled, Sissi
A paper doll ball gown of white trimmed in gold. The boots are gold and white. Free printable paper doll ball gown in color or black and white.

A paper doll ball gown of white trimmed in gold. The boots are gold and white. Free printable paper doll ball gown in color or black and white.

So, when you donate on Patreon to support the blog there are different tiers- 1 dollar, 5 dollars, and 10 dollars. This year I offered a custom doll and outfit to my ten dollar paper doll donors.

Yesterday, I posted the doll I created for Elizabeth and today I am sharing the paper doll ball gown I created.

Here is part of Elizabeth’s request, “Very difficult decision to decide on what to ask for but I finally picked out for dress inspiration this white and gold dress from the 1950s Empress Sissi movie series starring Romy Schneider. I really like the white and gold color scheme though a crimson and gold color scheme could be fun too.”

She also sent me photo links of this gown from a movie entitled, Sissi. It is an Austrian film from 1955 based on the life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. While the film was made in 1955, Empress Elisabeth of Austria was married in the mid-1850s.

To go with her paper doll ball gown, I designed some boots in part inspired by button-up boots of the Victorian era. Her neckline is a low off the shoulder heart line. White and gold is, of course, the color scheme Elizabeth asked for. I had a lot of fun making it in white and gold, but I think a pink and green color scheme would be beautiful as well.

Feel free to color the black and white version of this paper doll gown anyway you would like.

Want to get your own custom paper doll? Support the blog through Patreon at the 10 dollar a month level, or lower if that works better for your budget.

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  1. This is very pretty & a great interpretation of the source material. Never heard of Empress Elizabeth or the film, so I learned something!

  2. Yay! This dress is just gorgeous. I’m very happy with it. I am enjoying the perks of being a Patreon very much:) There were three Sissi movies made covering different times in her life. Since the movies were in German they made an abridged version of all three films in English. And of these four movies the only one I’ve seen all the way through is the first one in German which has Sissi meeting the young Emperor. The Emperor’s Mother had picked out the older sister of Sissi as a suitable bride and invited her to visit and Sissi came too. When the Emperor met Sissi he liked her best. It was a sweet romantic movie about their meeting and goes on to their wedding and has tons of gorgeous dresses for Sissi, her sister, and lots of secondary characters and extras.

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