A Custom Ms. Mannequin Paper Doll for Elizabeth

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: A 10$ Patron Custom Paper Doll
A brunette paper doll template with long wavy hair and fair skin. She comes with two pairs of shoes and fits any of the Ms. Mannequin paper doll clothing.

A paper doll template with long wavy hair. She comes with two pairs of shoes and fits any of the Ms. Mannequin paper doll clothing from paperthinpersonas.com.

Today’s paper doll is a brunette paper doll with long wavy hair. She was designed as a custom paper doll for one of my Patrons, Elizabeth.

This year, for my Patrons who support the blog at the 10 dollar amount per month, I decided to offer them the opportunity to request a custom doll and outfit.

The first custom paper doll one is debuting today! Elizabeth requested a brunette paper doll from the Ms. Mannequin series with brown eyes and fair skin.

I named the brunette paper doll Lisette, a French diminutive of Elizabeth.

Today’s Ms. Mannequin has the same skin-tone as my other fair skinned Ms. Mannequins- Natalie, CeriseVioletta. So, she has six more pairs of shoes that she can try out.

Tomorrow, she’ll get a dress.

Meanwhile, she’s got plenty of clothing options among the Ms. Mannequin clothing choices. I personally have always been a fan of this evening gown, but that’s just me.

Want to support the blog? Then think about becoming a Patron. There’s lots of neat perks, like a behind the scenes blog, the Vivian project and, at the 10 dollar a month level, a custom paper doll once a year.

Need some clothing for today’s Ms Mannequin paper doll? Pick Out Some Ms. Mannequin Clothing Here

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