Trendy Summer Paper Doll Clothing with Crop Tops and Paper Bag Pants

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Spring Fashion Trends 2017
Trendy summer paper doll clothing for the Ms. Mannequin printable paper doll series from

Trendy summer paper doll clothing for the Ms. Mannequin printable paper doll series from Print and color!

Back when Ms. Mannequin started, they were all about contemporary fashion. Not really runway fashion (though if you want that Boots of Pop Culture and Paper Dolls is doing a great catwalk series right now, just sayin…), but the latest thing from the boutiques.

In essence, I wanted to draw trendy stuff right from the fashion magazines.

So, one of the things I drew a few weeks ago were some pages of trendy clothing for the Ms. Mannequin girls.

Today, they have a pair of cropped “paper bag pants” and I have to say, that is a really dumb name. However, these pants are very much in vogue at the moment. To go with them, I drew a wrapped crop top and then I added an scalloped edged pencil skirt, because I like to draw at least three pieces when I do contemporary paper doll clothing.

These pieces can mix and match with any of the Ms. Mannequin clothing you already have printed out.

So, when you are about to get the paper dolls ready for summer, they now have some on tread cropped “paper bag” pants.

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