Mini-Maiden Paper Dolls Get Statement Pencil Skirts for Spring 2017

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:Statement Pencil Skirts from the Fashion Magazines
A printable paper doll coloring page of a pair of pencil skirts and a blouse from
You can blame today’s printable paper doll clothing on my addiction to fashion magazines. Or I suppose be thankful to my addiction. Your choice. 🙂

For someone who wears almost the same thing to work every day, I love looking at the fashion magazines. It doesn’t matter that I’ll never wear half of what is in the fashion magazine, I still enjoy looking at the pictures.

My favorite pictures get to become paper doll clothes. I noticed a lot of pencil skirts with super bold patterns on them. I actually really like this idea and if I wasn’t such a conservative dresser, I would totally try out this look. Maybe I still will if I can find one I like enough.

Until them I am sticking too my cardigans, grey trousers and white button down look. It has served me well.

To turn the pencil skirts into a real paper doll outfit, I added the pretty simple blouse and some cute shoes.I think this set with Faye, this set with Hazel or this set with Isadora would be great for mixing and matching in.

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  1. i love pencil skirts and prefer them in my own wardrobe. these are cool! i like that you paired a floral and a geometric/striped one on this page! : D

  2. The Mini Maidens are one of my favorite sets and this is a nice addition. Love the bold flower pattern!

    I’m with you – my wardrobe is simple. It’s essentially jeans + a weather appropriate shirt. I don’t even own non-jean pants anymore! And skirts are something from my distant past….

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