A Nurse or Doctor Paper Doll Outfit for the B&B Series

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:A Request from The Steger Family for Community Helper

A nurse or doctor paper doll outfit with teal scrubs and a white lab coat. A free printable paper doll from paperthinpersonas.com in color or black and white.

A nurse or doctor paper doll outfit with scrubs and a lab coat. A free printable paper doll coloring page from paperthinpersonas.com

So, I was asked by one of my Patrons, The Steger Family to create some paper dolls of community helpers like policemen, librarians, firefighters, that sort of thing, I struggled.

Let’s just say my attempt at a police women ended up looking like a stripper, rather than an actual member of the police force.

So, I tabled it for a while.

When I came back, I thought I would try something like scrubs to create a nurse or doctor paper doll. One of my friends here in Birmingham is a nurse and I’ve always really respected women in the medical field. I don’t know if this is really a doctor paper doll outfit or a nurse paper doll outfit, but I tend to think it could go either way.

The hardest part was drawing the stethoscope. Not a tool I draw that often, I must say.

I made the scrubs the same color as one’s I’ve seen the local hospital, but I have no idea how scrubs work. Are they like a uniform? Do people have to wear certain colors? Do certain colors mean different things?

Someone in the medical field should let me know in a comment. I have no clue.

Either way, here’s either a Doctor or a Nurse paper doll outfit for the B&B series to help out their community.

While it might be a while before I tackle a police woman printable paper doll outfit again, I might try a firefighter. I have no idea what firefighters wear, but that’ll be some research.

And I know some of my readers have been wanting a librarian paper doll for a while.

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  1. She could be a nurse practitioner. A nurse who functions as a doctor.

    I really think it depends on where you work what scrubs you wear. When I was hospitalized as a kid, everyone had their own pattern on their scrubs. One person would wear solid blue, one spongebob patterned. In nursing school, I have to wear school colored uniform scrubs. I have a pharmacy tech friend who also has to wear uniform scrubs to work. At the place I get mrisdone, they actually wear regular professional clothes, even the nurses and techs. But that’s a strictly MRI place.

  2. At my mom’s hospital, each department has a different color scrub that they wear. Because my mom is a care coordinator, she can wear a fun pattern on her top, as long as her scrub pants match her department. She is a big fan of her Cubs scrub tops.

  3. One of my daughters is a nurse, and another is going to school to be a surgical technician. They both wear scrubs, but different colors. Most hospitals have different colors for different departments, and pretty much all medical personel can wear them. These look great-almost the same shade of blue my surg-tech daughter wears! 🙂

  4. Scrub type depends on the clinic or hospital you work at. My mom was a nurse and the hospital provided teal colored scrubs to wear, but the doctors and nurses could also wear scrubs from home if they wanted. I’m a veterinarian and I’ve worked in clinics where they have uniform scrubs, but other places don’t care. Some places just require solid colors, no patterns.
    These look like regulation scrubs you would wear in surgery. Good job on the stethoscope too!

  5. These came out great! I think for the purposes of play, these could be either doctors or nurses.

    Personally, I would love to see a Starfleet style color code implemented in hospitals. I’ve spent more time in hospitals with family lately and knowing who does what would be very nice!

    1. I think there are often color codes, but they aren’t obvious to outsiders. I suppose that doesn’t make them that useful to patients though.

  6. Awesome! Women (and men) in the medical field are my personal heroes. I could never do what they do! and they do it with very little recognition or appreciation! I am excited to get these community helper dolls into our homeschool stuff!

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