Some 1910s Clothing for my Curvy B&B Printable Paper Dolls

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: This Fashion Plate form 1915

A paper doll outfit based on 1910s clothing, specifically 1915. Available to print in color or black and white.

A paper doll outfit based on 1910s clothing, specifically 1915. Available to print and color for free.

There are periods of fashion I am naturally attracted too like the 1920s and 1870s, but others that I am learning to apperciate more. One of these is 1910s clothing.

1910s clothing can be broken down into two major eras. The early part of the decade has a column silhouette, like this dress from 1912. After the beginning of World War I in 1914, the skirts begin to flare out and shorten. The silhouette becomes much freer. Today’s paper doll outfit is from 1915 and falls into this flared skirt era. Other examples of this “look” include this fashion plate from 1916, this dress or this suit.

One thing I love about 1910s clothing is the profusion of really absurd looking hats, like today’s hat from this fashion plate. I mean, really? I would say that surely no one wore a hat like that, but check out this example and this example from the Met.

See? Absurd hats abound in the 1910s. Does anyone but me kinda wish we still wore hats? Let me know in a comment.

Clearly, I need to spend more time in this era. There’s some fun stuff there.

One quick historical note: No one wore socks like the ones I drew here in 1910, but I didn’t want do deal will bare legs (which would  have been a scandal in 1910) and I didn’t want to have draw full on stockings or attach the shoes to the dress, so this was my solution. Not perfect from a historical accuracy point of view, but there you have it.

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  1. Love the color! I enjoy pictures of the British royal family, with the outlandish hats the women wear. Or ‘fascinators’ as I guess they call them nowadays? Some of them are amazing. 🙂

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