An Elven Fantasy Gown for the Ms. Mannequin Paper Dolls

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:  Elves! ELVES!
Trying my hand at Lord of the Rings inspired Elven fantasy gowns for paper dolls in purple or black and white for coloring. Free to print for personal use from

When I decided to draw my elven Ms. Mannequin doll, (name), I knew I needed to also draw some elven clothing for her. For that, I turned to my favorite costuming site The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes. It’s not the most updated or the flashiest, but it has a lot of photos and often photos of people who aren’t the “main character” which is handy.

Since my patrons specifically asked for LoTR inspired fantasy stuff, I wanted to honor that request. In the movies, the elves seem to have a lot of stand collars and long sleeves. Based on those trends, I designed this gown.

It is probably actually two gowns. A robe like garment over an under-gown. I imagine the robe is in something thick and soft like velvet and the under-gown is a raw silk.

Coloring today’s paper doll gown turned out to be very fun. I actually developed three different color schemes for it, before I settled on this monochromatic scheme.

But I didn’t want my other two scheme to not get any time to shine, so there’s an autumn color scheme that you can see over on the Patreon page. (Plus, you can join while your there, if you’d like). Meanwhile, on the blog’s Facebook page, there is a winter storm color scheme.

Hop to the Patreon post and the Facebook page and then tell me, which of these schemes is your favorite in a comment? I’m curious to know.

Meanwhile, there’s a coupon for my readers (Reader2017) good in my Etsy store until the end of the month. It’s 25% off.

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