The Sprites Paper Dolls & Their Gothic Fashions

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Gothic Fashions
A paper doll page of gothic fashions from the Sprites printable paper dolls in color or black and white. Free to print from

A set of gothic fashions for the Sprites printable paper dolls in color or black and white.

Sometimes, I create paper doll clothing set and then I forget about them. This happens to me with disturbing regularity. So, I could have sworn that I posted these gothic paper doll Sprites outfits back in November of 2016. As it turns out, I had them totally done, but didn’t get them formatted or saved as PDFs.

So, clearly my memory was deeply flawed. Here they are in today all their gothic paper doll fashion glory. Better late than never.

When I dabble in gothic fashion, I try to create things that are interesting and not all black. Black is a challenging color for printable paper dolls, because printers have varying sensitivities to it. So, sometimes the tones are too dark and other times they are too light. I try to find a compromise by using several different shades of black in the same outfit which keeps the outfit from feeling flat.

This is a trick I use with pretty much all my paper doll clothing, but in black pieces it is particularly important

The other big challenge of the Sprites printable paper dolls is the fact that they exist in pairs. Every lady printable paper doll outfit is accompanied by a gentlemen’s printable paper doll outfit. This symmetry is both part of the fun and part of the frustration.

In today’s gothic fashions, I gave the Lady Sprites a black and purple scheme. The Gentlemen Sprites have a black and red color scheme.

This is the last Sprites printable paper doll set from my stash. So, I have to get working on finishing some things in progress for March. The problem with a strong backlog is that it lulls me into a false sense of confidence.

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  1. These look AWEOSME!!!

    Um but when I click the black and white PDf link it says page not found.thought I’d let you know 🙂

    1. Hmmm.. Should be working. I’ve checked the code. I’ve had the site clear the cache for this page. It is working for me right now, but let me know if it is till giving you trouble.

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