Aishwarya: An Elven Printable Paper Doll

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Elves and Purple Hair

A beautiful blue haired elf paper doll with two pairs of shoes. Part of the Ms Mannequin printable paper doll series, she can share clothing with those paper dolls. Available in color or black and white.

A short haired printable paper doll coloring page who can wear any of the Ms. Mannequin paper doll clothing. Free to print from

One perk of being a Patron of the blog is that I will actually listen to requests and usually follow through, though I still owe someone a New Romantic outfit.

I swear I am working on it.

Anyway, the interest in Lord of the Rings style fantasy made me decide to draw an elf. My conclusion that pale blond elves are cliche made me create one with blue hair.

See everything makes sense if you just understand my general feelings that most depictions of elves are boring.

Plus, I think everything is better if there is blue hair.

Aishwarya, today’s elf, shares a skin-tone with Layla, so they can share shoes. Aishwarya means “prosperity, wealth” in Sanskrit. I thought it was a really beautiful name.

If you feel that the few fantasy outfits the Ms. Mannequin paper dolls have are not elven feeling, then worry not. Next week, there will be an Elven inspired outfit for Aishwarya to wear.

How did I do on my first Ms. Mannequin elf? Does she need some elf friends?

By the way, there’s now a Paper Thin Personas shop on Etsy. Use the coupon called: READER2017 and get 25% off an order of 4.00 or more until the end of March. I’ll be adding some new clothing in the next week or so.

Want me to listen to your request more? Then think about becoming a Patron.

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