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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Fashion Magazines and Cocktail Dresses
A pair of pastel paper doll cocktail dresses with some Victorian inspired lace up booties. Free to print from

A pair of paper doll cocktail dresses with some Victorian inspired lace up booties. Free to print from

I gotta confess this has been a wide ranging week for printable paper doll themes. We’ve gone from Monday aliens to Tuesday Little Bo Peep and now we’ve got some cocktail dresses. Well, it can never be said that I don’t have a lot of variety and diversity in my little paper doll populated corner of the interwebs.

I love fashion magazines. My favorites to draw from are People Style Watch and Instyle. Both of these magazines are pretty easy read and you can see the images of the clothing well. After all, I might not ever buy a 600 dollar blouse, but I like to see it clearly for drawing purposes. I have noticed I draw a lot less modern stuff now that I have the new format. Not really sure why that is, but there you go.

Anyway, this fall there was a whole pastel cocktail dresses for wintertime thing going in the fashion magazines I read. So, I wanted to create a pair of pastel winter paper doll cocktail dresses for holiday parties. Now, I realize it is February and most holiday parties are past, so maybe a Valentine’s Day date night option?

Yeah, I kinda missed the boat on when to post this pair of dresses, but that happens to me on occasion. No shame.

I am curious though. Do people miss modern paper doll clothing? Would you like to see more of that? Let me know in a comment.

I’m also super pleased to announce that there is now a Paper Thin Personas Etsy Store! You might have noticed the addition of the Shop tab at the top of the page a few days ago. I had fantasized about doing some big perfect announcement, but you know what? Done is better than perfect, so I am releasing the store into the wild today.

Just for my blog readers, there is a coupon code good for 25% off an order of 4.00 or more until the end of March. Visit the shop and use the code: READER2017

Plus, remember that becoming a patron has some great benefits and helps cover the blogs costs each month.

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  1. These work for Valentine’s day. Cocktail dresses aren’t just for Christmas & New Year’s!

    The Etsy dolls are really beautiful! I wish you much success 🙂

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