A Little Bo Beep Paper Doll Costume for the Poppets Paper Dolls

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Vintage Little Bo Peep Illustrations Like This and This

A fun Little Bo Peep activityin the form of a Little Bo Beep printable paper doll costume in color or black and white. Fits any of the Poppet paper dolls.

A Little Bo Peep Activity Printable For Kids- A Paper Doll Costume

While I have abandoned my sets, I haven’t really given up the whole themes for paper dolls idea. The truth is that I like themes. They help me keep my head on straight and they give me something to draw when I don’t know what to draw.

At the end of 2016, I asked my Patrons what they would like to see in 2017. I got requests for fairy tales from several of them. Well, fortunately, I already had plans for introducing a Poppets Paper Doll year long Fairy Tale and Nursery Rhyme theme.

This might last longer than a year, but I am aiming for a year. Who knows? I can be fickle.

I am starting the series it this Little Bo Beep paper doll printable. It’ll fit any of the Poppets paper dolls, of course. Most, if not all of us, known the nursery rhyme Little Bo Peep. The version I remember goes like this:

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep,
and can’t tell where to find them;
leave them alone, And they’ll come home
wagging their tails behind them.

I knew I wanted to do something that felt a little vintage and old fashioned without actually being historical. The nursery rhyme was first published in the early 1800s, but the exact age is unknown. I wanted to be traditional in my depiction of Little Bo Peep. Also, I got to draw lots of tiny sheep.

You can check out my Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes board on Pinterest to see some of my inspirational images. Plus, there are hints at a few other fairy tales and nursery rhymes I am planning to feature over the course of the year.

Which brings me to my next point, is there a fairy tale you’d like to see the Poppets get an outfit from? Let me know in a comment.

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  1. That’s adorable! Like Marie Antoinette in her country-living phase, without all the condescension. Really cute sheep too

  2. So cute! I’d love to see the little mermaid, or Cinderella. And as far as nursery rhymes, I’ve always liked Mary quite contrary.

  3. Would you ever consider a boy poppet so you could have Hansel and Gretel? Or maybe just make fairy tale costumes for one of the sets that already has a boy.

    Nursery Rhymes…I always liked The Owl and the Pussy Cat, but I’m not sure how well that would translate to paper-dolling.

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