Marisole Monday & Friends Paper Dolls Get Some 1970s Clothing

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Simplicity 9370 from 1971
A super cute bright yellow jumpsuit from 1971 based on the art on a vintage sewing pattern cover. Available in color or black and white.

A super cute jumpsuit from 1971 based on the art on a vintage sewing pattern cover. Available in color or black and white.

So, I work in batches. This doesn’t just mean I tend to draw a batch of the same paper doll series together, it also means I sometimes draw the same themes together. For example, I drew today’s jumpsuit around the same time I drew the my 1970s Mini-Maiden. Sometimes, I get into a theme, like 1970s clothing, and want to spend some time there.

Then I promptly get over and am distracted by some other thing. That’s the nature of my brain.

Today’s jumpsuit was based on a 1971 Simplicity sewing pattern cover. Apparently the pattern was designed to be sewn quickly and only took two different pattern pieces. I loved the cheery bright yellow color in the cover art, so I kept it.

The wide brown belt was from the pattern cover, but it also was nice because it split up the jumpsuit. I think jumpsuits really need belts, don’t you?

This is probably the last piece of 1970s clothing for the paper dolls for a while. As I said above, I tend to be a bit flighty in my paper doll interests. I have been feeling very “over the top princess gowns” lately, so stay tuned for some of that, also I have been dabbling in the 1870s.

Out of the curiosity, which do you like better for the fashion- the 1970s, the 1870s or the 1770s?

I have so confess to being a pretty big 1870s fan. Let me know your favorite in a comment.

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  1. 1870s, easily! but then you probably knew that. can’t wait to see what you’re cooking.

    that said, i really enjoy these simplicity pattern outfits ~ they’re just fun and colorful!

  2. Ditto. 1770s.

    This is great. So bright and cheery 🙂 I have a paper doll jumpsuit coming up, too!

    I’m loving the random format of the blog, by the way. Not that I didn’t like the more structured format, but have new, random stuff is more fun.

  3. Can I pick the 1670s? Although that might be because I’m working my way through Eric Flint’s 1632 books right now. And it’s fun to say “hurluberlu.”

  4. I’d go with 1770s, too, though 1870s would be a close second. Love today’s jumpsuit. I vaguely remember it, I think I had a paper doll with a similar one years ago.

  5. Torn between the 1770s and 1870s! The only things I really like about 1970s fashion are the punk trend and the Annie Hall trend. Other than that, I can skip right on to the 1980s.

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