Poppets: Ice Skating in 1927

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Everyday Fashions of the Twenties: As Pictured in Sears and Other Catalogs, Bobble Hats

A 1920s ice skating outfit for a child paper doll from paperthinpersonas.com

This is the first of a bunch of 1920s clothing I have drawn for the Poppets, so I hope everyone loves this era as much as I do. I originally drew the outfits last year when I was still doing sets and then I kinda forgot about them for a few months and rediscovered them while I was cleaning up my files at the end of the year.

I always do an annual file clean up and I often discover things I kinda forgot about or abandoned because they weren’t something I really liked. Boots wrote a really brave post on her blog, Pop Culture Looking Land,  about failed projects. I wrote a follow-up over on my Patreon page for my Patrons.

Moral of the story: Sometimes, I abandon stuff and then find it again and go, “Actually, that’s not so bad.”

And this one of those things. I don’t even remember what I didn’t like about it. I think it was the ice skates.

Still now I look at them and I am like, “They’re okay. What was my problem?”

The human mind is a funny thing.

Can I make a confession? I have no idea how to ice skate. I think I have been on ice skates exactly three times and every time I ended up on my butt. It was not much fun. Still, I like watching other people ice skate, so that should be worth something.

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  1. i love this! and the skates are great! i think sometimes we just get in a mood. i need to dig up my favorite paper doll quote and post it again to share.

    p.s. for all my love of winter and snow and all that, i can’t skate either ~ hahaha

  2. The skates are cute. I like the overall fuzzy feeling of the hat & jacket. And the fact that the base is an icy blue is just perfect.

    I CAN ice skate!! Or, I could, anyway. I’ll be taking the boys for their first foray into skating soon. We’ll see if I remember how!

  3. ’20s isn’t my favorite decade, but this is really cute. I grew up in a very small town(pop. 400) and there was a roller skating rink, which was pretty much the only organized activity for kids, so I grew up on roller skates, but somehow never got the hang of ice skates. It just feels so different. 🙂

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