Mini-Maidens in some 1970s Fashions

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:Simplicity 6931 from 1975
A black and white paper doll coloring page with 1970s fashions based on a vintage pattern cover. From

Today, the Mini-Maidens are visiting 1975 with an outfit and hair inspired by the looks of that era. I’ve never been a big 1970s fashion fan, but I confess the period has grown on my lately. I think it’s the sideburns.

One thing I do love are vintage pattern covers. Everything about them from the pose to the styles are so much of their era. A 1975 pattern cover from Simplicity inspired today’s paper doll 1970s fashion. The pattern had two options- a dress or a blouse, but I liked the blouse better. Somehow, the dress reminded me a little too much of a nightgown. A lot of 1970s maxi dresses remind me a lot of nightgowns.

If you’re a sewist, Wren Feathers has a super cute pattern for a blouse in this style sized for slim body 18 inch dolls. I haven’t sewn it up yet, but it has been in my “to sew” pile for a long time. Just in case your non-paper dolls need some 1970s fashion.

Greta, one of the Mini-Maiden dolls, is modeling the outfit and has a 1970’s shag haircut. The pattern cover inspired the jeans and platform shoes too.

One thing I find fascinating about 1970s fashion is that a lot of it looks very contemporary. Sometimes it is just the hair or the textile that gives away the age of the garment. You could probably get away with the jeans and shoes today. I’m not so sure about the blouse. Something about those sleeves kinda feels very dowdy to me.

What do you think? Are you a 1970s fashion lover or is it a decade you could see less of? Let me know in a comment.

Tomorrow there will be 18th Century Sprites Clothing. Yes, male historical clothing. Shocking, I know.

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Need a more outfits for today’s Mini-Maiden Paper Doll? Find More Clothing Here

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  1. Her hair is perfect for the era. And the outfit is adorable.

    I was a teen in the 90s during a neo-70s resurgence. Loved it! My parents were teens in the 70s so I had some of their *actual* vintage pieces.

    And you’re right – it does feel very contemporary. Guess it’s coming around again and, again, I’m all for it!

  2. I’ll have to give her one of those tops made out of “crocheted” flowers…still have the gizmo around somewhere. My mom churned out flowers by the dozens.

    I really love this, brings back memories of second grade for some reason. My husband, youngest of five, looked at the top and said, “I think my mom tried to convince me that one of those hand-me-downs was okay for a boy to wear. ‘Just turn it backward, nobody will notice.'”

  3. I used to own one of these tops when I was in middle school. It was my aunt’s, the colors maroon and beige. Somewhere on this computer, I also have the Wren Feathers pattern.
    I love Greta’s haircut and the platform shoes! Thanks you 🙂

  4. i was just trawling 70s fashion for our collaborative doll.

    i am not a fan of that decade ~ ha!

    but you did it justice here–that blouse is spot-on. there was cool stuff in the 70s, but the conventional style of the time was not great i don’t think.

    that said, i recall very very fondly cutting out “paper dolls” from the simplicity pattern books my kindergarten teacher kept in her class for that purpose.

  5. Late ’60s-early ’70s are my favorite times, probably because that took me from my teens into my twenties. I have very fond memories of those styles, and I love it when they make a comeback! Thank you!

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