B&B Girls Get Some Cute Workout Clothes

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Cute Work Out Clothing and Sweating a Lot

The B&B paper dolls are hitting the gym in some cute paper doll workout clothing. They get a pair of leggings, shorts and tanktop combo. Available in black and white or in color from paperthinpersonas.com.

I am spending most of January 2017 posting things I drew in 2016 to clear out my image archives and I came across this set of cute paper doll workout clothing that I drew. I really am not a fan of exercise, but I know I need to do it. I tend to approach it the same way I approach a lot of things, “You can do anything for 25 minutes, even if you hate it.”

And while I don’t like the actual exercising part, it does wonders for my mood and I always feel better the next day, even if I am stiff. When I first started working out, I just wore some old sweats and a t-shirt. Eventually, I bought some real workout clothing and I discovered that it was much easier to work out when you have real workout clothing on.

Since I, like the B&B paper dolls, am pretty buxom, it is hard to find cute sports bras in colors that still give me the support I need. However, the fun thing about paper dolls is that you can create things for them that you can’t find for yourself. Therefore, I gave my B&B girls a fun teal sports bra under a tank, leggings and shorts to wear while she hits the gym.

My workout clothing does not coordinate nearly as well as this, but as I have said before- fantasy fulfillment is a big part of paper doll drawing.

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  1. I absolutely love that you gave a curvy paper doll workout clothing.

    The colors are so confident & bright. I see this paper doll just owning it at the gym!

  2. wish fulfillment is honestly something i had never thought about with regards to paper dolls: and yet of course it makes so much sense!

    so you know the children’s book called The Hundred Dresses?

    love these mix and match pieces!

    1. I do. That book always kinda weirded me out. Like this poor girl gets bullied, but then it’s all okay because she wins a drawing contest? I mean… I dunno.

      1. hahaha ~ that’s so not what i remember about the book. to me it was a beautiful story of a poor girl who fulfills her wishes through her art and is recognized for it in spite of all the negative nellies.

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