Marisole Monday & Friends: A Retro Astronaut Paper Doll

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations:  Retro Sci-Fi Magazine Cover Art, Krylorians and Lavender Hair

Sometimes, I feel like drawing a different sort of paper doll, so today we have a little pink skinned retro alien astronaut paper doll, because why not?

Over the course of the year, I have continued to move closer to my roots. And today, I am moving there even further. When this site started, before the whole thing went down in flames in 2009, there was just one series and that series updated with whatever the heck I felt like. Later, I added the first Curves series, but continued to post whatever I felt like.

Starting today, I am going to abandon weekly themes, except when I feel like there is a real reason I want to do one.

For example, I have only one astronaut paper doll until today. For several years, I’ve wanted to draw a really retro inspired, pin-up inspired sort of astronaut, but I’ve never wanted to make a whole set like that. But during my short hiatus I had an epiphany, I realized that I didn’t have too. There was no reason I had to do a whole week of retro-astronauts. I could just do one!

And on the next day, I could do something else entirely.

So, today enjoy this “Friend of Marisole Monday” and her retro inspired astronaut suit. I also gave her a pair of somewhat impractical shoes, because I thought she might want to wear something other than her space suit and with her pink skin, burrowing shoes might be straight out, unless they were boots.

Thoughts on the new plan? Do let me know in a comment. And if you love the blog, than think about supporting it through Patreon.

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  1. Thank you for sharing all your dolls. Especially for today’s astronaut. She may be a retro pinup, but at least she isn’t the android or three-breasted alien that were also features of pulp magazine covers. Slightly off topic, do you have or know of some senior/elder dolls? Perhaps it was the purple hair that made the idea pop into my head (purple hair – when I am old I shall wear purple – red hat society), but the only ‘Granny’ dolls I can recall are Mrs. Claus, wife to Santa. Yet it is once more approaching Halloween, joy for Hags and Crones all. Again, thanks for posting your works to share.

  2. i’m a fan of series. also a fan of just throwing stuff out and seeing what sticks (in case that’s not obvious by the haphazard way i run my own blog ~ ha!).

    we’re both librarians, so believe you me: i understand the impulse to control, categorize, order, etc.

    for me personally, i do this so that i can get away from those impulses. i want to share with you an old quote from an old source about making paper dolls, but i have to dig it up first. the essence of it is to emphasize the doing and the fun–those are the things people actually connect to, much less the final product.

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