Poppets: Floral Border Printed Vintage Inspired Paper Doll Dress

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Today’s Printable Paper Doll Inspirations: Bow-Tie Blouses, Mary Engelbreit’s Flowers, Colorful shoes and the November 1954 Betsy McCall Paper Doll.

A beautiful vintage inspired paper doll dress with a floral border. Heavily inspired by paper dolls like Betsy McCall. Free to print in color or black and white.

Personally, I can’t imagine putting a child in a cream colored dress and not expecting a disastrous spill/stain or something to happen to that dress five minutes later, but part of the pleasure of paper dolls is that reality doesn’t actually have to enter into it. Plus, the Poppets are based on ball-jointed dolls and not real children, so presumably pieces of resin are capable to keeping out of trouble.

One of the things I really love about this dress is the floral border. It was a later addition to the design. Originally, I was just going to do a wide stripe, like I did on the coat-dress from Tuesday. However, I didn’t want to repeat myself so soon, so I decided on some Mary Engelbreit inspired flowers along the hem.

The November 1954 Betsy McCall paper doll had two dresses with ties around their necks, but I’ll confess that I spent a lot of time looking at different Betsy McCall paper dolls and they all start to flow together after a while. Each page also has a little story on it. I tried to read a few, but stuff written for children in the 1950s, just isn’t that compelling to me.

So, next week will begin my first week of different pieces from different series posting. I am nervous and excited. We’ll start the week out with a Retro inspired astronaut and continue from there.

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  1. i’ll actually be sorry to see this particular poppet go. i really like her face and hairstyle. typically i don’t like “doll” dolls (who is that artist with the really lovely antique doll paper dolls? Rosamunde something or other?

    but then dolls have always creeped me out.

    but not this one. she’s very sweet. if you won’t give her a name, i think i’ll call her Evie. hahaha

    1. Her name was Peggy Jo Rosamond and her work was AMAZING. I own three or four of her books and she’s someone who whenever I see a piece of hers available, I want to snatch it up.

      I know dolls creep some folks out. I love dolls and they creep me out sometimes. I think it is really hard to find the line between, “Aww that’s beautiful” and “Aww, that’s going to eat my face.”

      Evie is a good name for her. I’m surprised your the only person who suggested a name, so I might just give it to her. Breaks me “P” names for the Poppet’s trend though.

      1. Pevie? hahahahaha

        thank you for remembering the artist’s name–i was too lazy to look it up. she died fairly recently (in the last five years or so?). creepy face-eating dolls notwithstanding, yes she did amazing work and i too have many of her books.

        : D

  2. I looked on an Australian name site here are their P flower related names
    Pamelia-Palm tree
    Padma-lotus flower

    Pam or Phyllis are both old fashioned names for her.

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