Bodacious & Buxom at the End of the World

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A post-apocalyptic set of paper doll fashions

As I often do on Friday, I am wrapping the week with two of my favorite pieces from this post-apocalyptic paper doll clothing collection. Since I drew this set so long ago, I wasn’t really thinking about “outfits” while I was designing it. Putting together the outfits for each day was actually kinda challenging.

It was tough to decide which piece made the most sense with which other pieces. So, I was flummoxed with this top and these pants. They are the two most complex pieces I have in the series and I love them both, but I wasn’t sure what to pair them with. In the end, I decided to post them together, because I love their complexity and I think Friday should be celebrated.

Monday’s paper doll might, however, rather pair them with one of the simpler pieces shown below. I think the long sleeved white top would book nice with the trousers and I think the red pairs would be lovely paired with the blouse.

A Curvy Paper Doll’s Guide to Dressing for the End of the World

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I maybe going on Haitus next week. It will really depend on how my weekend turns out and what exactly happens. I spent exactly zero minutes on paper dolls this week, except posting this week’s content. That means I have no material prepped for next week. I’m not saying I won’t get my act together and manage to pull something off in the next two days, but I hate to just disappear on you all.

Should I decide not to post anything next week, there will be an announcement here on the blog, but also on Twitter @paperpersonas.

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  1. Hey Rachel, I’m starting to get my paper doll mojo back. I’m making a Marisole Monday doll based off of a favorite Slavic pop star.

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