Faye in the Woods: Fantasy Folkloric Paper Doll Fashions

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A folkloric fantasy paper doll fashion to print and color from paperthinpersonas.com

This is the last of Faye’s Folkloric Fantasy Fashions (say that ten times fast) and I am pretty pleased. I love the tulip circular border patters and I think every printable paper needs a blouse with checkerboard sleeves and flower design over her cleavage. Actually, this is probably my favorite blouses of all of them, I only make fun of what I really like.

Still, this has been a long week. Ever have one of those weeks when you hit Friday and you think, “Oh, I am so ready for this weekend!”

The funny bit is that I didn’t really have a super busy week. I got an oil change, vacuumed daily to work on the Flea Removal Project (FRP for short) and got addicted to the show Penny Dreaful on Netflix. Not really the most intense week I’ve ever had.

And yet, perhaps because I’ve been living in my new place for less than a month or perhaps because, well, fleas, but I am bone tired. I am ready to go home, watch a movie and eat popcorn while I don’t do anything. Of course, I will have to do something. I have to sort out what paper doll content goes up next week. 🙂

Faye’s Folkloric Fantasy Fashions: A Paper Doll to Print and Color

Normally, this is the point where I’d offer some kinda preview like, “Next week there will be…” But as I have no idea what there will be next week, I fear I am going to have to let this one go.

Anyway, I would love to hear what you all, my readers, thought of this week’s theme and paper dolls and everything, so leave a comment and tell me what you think of this week.

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