Meaghan’s Fantasy Gowns: A Paper Doll & Her Shoes

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A redheaded paper doll with three pairs of fantasy sandals. She is part of the Marisole Monday & Friends series and can wear any of their clothes or shoes.

This is the second Meaghan printable paper doll of 2016, which seems surprising to me, but I checked the archives and its true. When my real friend Meaghan allowed me to name a paper doll after her, she demanded fantasy dresses, so I do my best to provide them as often as I can for her paper surrogate.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the best ways to break up a paper doll across five days really are. Shoes are often an issue in paper doll creations, because skin is exposed. While any paper doll in the same pose can share dresses, only paper dolls with the same skintone can share shoes, especially shoes like these where even and exacto-knife couldn’t make some of these sandals work on my Edwardian Mia from the week before last, for example.

So, rather than start out with a paper doll and a dress this time, I am starting out with a paper doll and some fantasy sandals. There won’t be an accessory Thursday this week, instead each day there will be an accessory to go with the dress on display.

Also, I have a question for all my lovely readers, now that we’re five or six weeks into this new format, what do you all think? Please let me know in a comment.

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  1. I’m enjoying the new format – but no Accessory Thursday this week? 🙁 That’s been one of the cutest things about it!

    1. Well, see, this is the kinda information I need! It has to do with the “shoe problem” and I haven’t decided the best way to deal with the “shoe problem” when the shoes are very very skin-tone specific.

      When someone comes back to this paper doll in three or four years, or back to the accessory Thursday page, and they going to be able to still link together the sets? That’s a big issue I have to think about.

      1. That’s why I print everything in B&W – skin tone isn’t an issue that way, since I love coloring the dolls and clothes. Who would have ever thought that adult coloring would be a thing? As for linking pages in future, maybe have a link between accessories and the original doll pages, so people can match them up?

  2. I have to admit that I liked the old layouts, but if this is better for you, then, great! 🙂 And having a whole week for one character is fun.

  3. I really love the new format. Looking forward to a new outfit everyday is fun! Can’t wait to see the dresses that go with these awesome shoes!

  4. You use more paper if you print the dolls with this new format, but that’s really the only downside. If we get more pieces per doll this way, then I’m all for it!

  5. More stuff for the dolls this way.

    If I came back four years from now and wanted a different skin tone, I’d just print everything in black and white and then do my own coloring.

  6. I agree with Amy – I liked the old format but since this one works better for you, I am definitely okay with the new one.
    Besides, daily updates are awesome (though I admit sometimes I still forget to check back every day!), and you not being restricted by what fits on one page when you design the clothes is great. 🙂

    Frankly, your paper dolls are so amazing and beautiful, I’d love them in any format whatsoever.
    Thank you so much for sharing them!

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